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Peach Boy Riverside Second Promotional Video, Premiere Date, and Opening Song Released

On June 11, 2021, the official website of the upcoming “Peach Boy Riverside” anime released its second promotional video! Moreover, it features the anime’s opening song titled “Dark Spiral Journey”. Q-MHz feat Yuko Suzuhana performed the song.

Also, you can watch the anime’s second promotional video below:

Peach Boy Riverside second promotional video

Furthermore, the ending song of the anime is titled “Footsteps Beyond the Night” by Miteino Hanashi. The anime is set to premiere on July 1, 2021.

You can also check here Peach Boy Riverside’s latest key visual:

Peach Boy Riverside second key visual

What’s more, if you want to see the anime’s first key visual and promotional video, together with its cast and production stuff, just click here.

What is Peach Boy Riverside?

In case you didn’t know, “Peach Boy Riverside” is a Japanese manga series by Coolkyousinnjya. Neetsha started publishing the manga on Weekly Young VIP magazine in January 2008. However, a remake of the manga has been made in August 2015. The same publisher is currently serializing the remake on Shōnen Magazine R and Magazine Pocket. Accordingly, the manga currently has 8 volumes.

An anime adaptation of the series will premiere on July 1, 2021. Asahi Productions will take care of its animation.

The Synopsis of the Story:

Saltherine Aldarake, princess of the Kingdom of Aldarake, dreams of traveling the world—a dangerous dream in a land where monsters roam the countryside as they please, and humans live behind high, strong walls. But when a chance meeting with traveler Mikoto gives hope to her dream, he shatters it soon after, as he reveals himself to be none other than Momotaro, ruthless demon-slayer.

Though horrified by the gore Momotaro leaves behind, Saltherine is convinced more than ever that she needs to learn about the world beyond her walls, and journeys out…following the steps of the mysterious, charismatic, terrifying boy she met that day…

Lastly, for more anime and manga news, just click here.

Source: Peach Boy Riverside official Twitter Account, Anime’s official website

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