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Possible MEM-Cho and Usada Pekora Collab Is on the Way

There’s a collab heading our way that promises to hit harder than Yosemite In Black’s performance at LCY. Coming off a recent collaboration with Nijisanji VTuber Hoshikawa Sara, Oshi No Ko‘s MEM-Cho seems to be posing for a collab with another crowd-favorite VTuber. The official Oshi No Ko X (formerly Twitter) has all but confirmed that a possible MEM-Cho and Usada Pekora collaboration is on the way!

Based on the official Collaboration Visual Teaser, we can pretty much guess that the YouTuber in question is none other than Simon Whistler

Coming to a computer near you at 6 PM JST on May 13, the upcoming MEM-Cho and Usada Pekora video collaboration, if true, proves beyond a doubt that you can be Kawaii after 18 and that weebs will tune in to see two Christmas cakes doing pretty much anything. Friendly reminder MEM-Cho is 27 and Hololive’s Pekora is 111.

Say, you clicked on this link because you saw Pekora and have no idea who MEM-Cho is. Well, she’s Oshi No Ko‘s resident YouTuber and an idol in the revived version of B-Komachi, which was once the legendary Ai Hoshino’s idol group that has now been revived by her daughter Ruby.

Together and with the power of friendship (spelled hotness), Ruby, MEM-Cho, and actress Kana Arima –world-renowned for being a child actor who can lick baking soda just like that (finger snap)– set out to achieve world domination via idol activities. Or something like that. Watch the anime for the real explanation.

The new and improved B-Komachi just standing there, menacingly.

With a resounding success, Doga Kobo’s adaption of Aka Akasaka’s Oshi No Ko manga did to the anime world what that one asteriod did in the Cretaceous — it completely changed the landscape.

Sometimes, an anime gets over-hyped and leaves people disappointed. Here, it was under-hyped, and that’s because everyone and their chunchunmaru was talking about it. Oshi No Ko delivered such a raw performance that even a suicide warning had to be thrown on screen and if you see that, you know things got real.

Source: Official X (formerly Twitter)
© Akasaka Aka x Mengo Yokoyari / Shueisha / Oshi no Ko Production Committee

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