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PROJECT SCARD: Scar on the Praeter TV Anime Announced

The PROJECT SCARD: Scar on the Praeter TV Anime has been announced for January 2021 and Studio GoHands will be incharge of the animation production, they also released the promotional video for the anime including the new key visual.

The Official Key Visual

You can watch the promotional video here.


Tokyo-“Akatsuki Special Zone”.
At the planned site of the special economic zone newly established by the government, the administrative authority was transferred to the large company “Sakishima Holdings”. Large-scale riots and Akatsuki conflict broke out as a result of hostile companies conspiring over
concessions such as tax reductions that apply only in special zones .
The domestic politics are desolate, and “Sakishima Holdings” is dismantled. Akatsuki Special Zone will be an unmanaged area beyond the national autonomy.
There were men who defended the lawless town.
“Divine tattoos”, humans with tattoos that contain the power of rough gods and beasts,
commonly known as “scards”, have their own special abilities and all attacks are incapacitated-
play before the bullet reaches the body It has the defense power of flying and breaking the sword.
Taking advantage of the power of tattoos, “Helios” who protects the city, “Artemis” who protects the organization, and
“Public Security Special Affairs” who protect order become new powers and settle in the Akatsuki Special Zone. Even though they are still
struggling on a daily basis, even though they are weak, they still stick to their “justice.”
This is a story of the ordinary life of those who live in such a turbulence .

Source: Project Scard Official Website
Thumbnail From: Project Scard Twitter

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