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Ragna Crimson Gets New Trailer Ahead of September 30 One-Hour Premiere

The upcoming Ragna Crimson anime adaptation revealed a new key visual and trailer earlier today. The anime will premiere on September 30 as a one-hour special. A special screening for the anime will be held on September 2 at Shinjuku Piccadilly. The opening theme song is ulma sound junction’s “ROAR” and it is a part of the new trailer:

Ragna Crimson – Third Trailer

Ai Fairouz and Junichi Suwabe commented on their roles. Ai Fairouz, who voices Slime, spoke about her character:
This title has extremely unique characters starting with Crimson, but the Slime is one of the strange characters. The story is pretty serious, with Ragna going through a lot of agony and having his precious things taken away. But the Slime brightens up the scene with its non-conforming character. I believe its charm is where he just keeps his own pace, and I tried to express that! 
“You stupid hoomans, watch the show or else!” (saying in character)

Suwabe had a similar comment:
Woltekamui is very very strong. He will appear later in the show as an extraordinarily strong enemy that confronts Ragna and his friends. I look forward to see how the fierce battle scenes in the manga will be shown in the anime. Oh, just in case, this “strong enemy” never becomes a comrade. He’s a real bad guy! Please look forward to the anime “Ragna Crimson!”

Besides the two of them, the main cast includes:

  • Ragna: Chiaki Kobayashi
  • Crimson: Ayumu Murase
  • Leonica: Inori Minase
  • Chimera: Mamiko Noto
  • Golem: Hiroki Touchi
  • Ultimatia: Reina Ueda
  • Grymwelte: Takehito Koyasu
  • Disas Trois: Shunsuke Takeuchi
  • Temruogtaf: Kozo Shioya
  • Future Ragna: Nobutoshi Canna

SILVER LINK. is animating the Ragna Crimson anime under the direction of Ken Takahashi. Shimpei Aoki is in charge of the character designs, while Deko Akao is writing the scripts. Koji Fujimoto (Sus4 Inc.) and Osamu Sasaki are composing the music. The anime is based on a manga by Daiki Kobayashi.

HIDIVE will be streaming the anime, and describes the plot as:
“Dragon Hunters” use their silver swords to hunt dragons to make a living.
Ragna, a starting out hunter buddies with Leonica, a genius dragon hunter with a tremendous score, to battle dragons every day.
Ragna has only one wish — “I wouldn’t complain if can’t become strong. I just want to be with Leo.”
But his small wish is brutally shattered by an attack of a “superior dragon,” a being much stronger than any dragon they had fought with.
Seeing the strong enemy in front of him, Ragna remembers a bad dream he had been suffering from for the past few days. In his dreams, Ragna was stronger than anyone else, but living in a devastating future life in solitude, with nothing to save and protect.
What is his future trying to tell him? What path should he take now?
Ragna takes one step forward to avert his devastating future with a new buddy called Crimson, who is a bag of mysteries.
His enemy has ultimate strength. He fights against a forced destiny. Fighting beyond the limits!
An ultra-tough, ultimate isekai battle story begins!

Source: Press Release, Official Website
©︎ Daiki Kobayashi / SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project

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