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Ragna Crimson Reveals Second Opening Song

Saji – “Kannousei Liberation” will be the second opening theme song for the ongoing Ragna Crimson anime. The adaptation is set to have 24 episodes and will run for two cours. It was also revealed that “Kannousei Liberation” will be the lead single on their upcoming album Cult which will be released on February 28, 2024.

Cult album cover by Saji featuring Ragna Crimson OP 2 – “Kannousei Liberation”

Saji is prolific in the anime scene, initially debuting in 2010 as the group phatmans after school in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Since their rebranding as Saji in July 2019, their anime song credits include:

“Kannousei Liberation” will replace “Roar” by Ulma sound junction which is Ragna Crimson‘s first opening theme song. On what fans can expect from the new opening, Saji bassist Yoshimitsu Yamazaki said:
This song was made to further heighten the powerful battles in Ragna Crimson. I hope that when you listen to the song, you think of Ragna, and when you watch Ragna, you imagine this song. No matter how old I get, I still love dragons.

Guitarist Shinya Yutani added:
Thank you for choosing Saji for the 2nd opening theme! We were given the responsibility for the opening theme for Ragna Crimson, so we made it an intensely rocking song that fits the anime’s worldview! Please enjoy our song together with the anime!!

Ragna Crimson is based on the manga of the same name by Daiki Kobayashi. HIDIVE is currently streaming it and describes the plot:
Ragna teams up with the enigmatic Crimson to stand against the dragons menacing the world. Although Crimson’s motivations are mysterious, his goal and Ragna’s perfectly align, and together they’ll vanquish the dragons once and for all.

Source: Official X
©︎ Daiki Kobayashi / SQUARE ENIX / “Ragna Crimson” Production Committee

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