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Ranking of Kings 8: The Truth Behind Bosse's Power

Ranking of Kings had its first episode almost entirely without Bojji this week, but we did end up learning the truth about King Bosse’s power, as well as seeing some interesting reveals. Right off the bat, we’re introduced to the demon we saw previously. It was indeed Bosse who approached it, and he did because he wanted to become the strongest man in the world. The demon spoke in a different language we can’t understand, but he also had Miranjo with him to translate. While he couldn’t get power that doesn’t exist, he was told he could steal it from a blood relative. Since he had none, they came to the conclusion that he needs a son. And so we met Bojji’s mom, the strongest woman in the world.

We saw the day Bosse gained his strength, and it happened the moment Bojji was born. Although he was ready to do anything to get stronger (and become the strongest in the world), we also see that Bosse genuinely cares for Bojji, and that he had devoted his life to creating a country where he would have everything he needs. However, he has some kind of old promise with Miranjo, and it involves assassinating the Queen, Hiling.

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The Strongest in the World

Possibly the most interesting part of this week’s episode was what the magic mirror showed. When Bosse asked who the strongest person in the world was, Bojji’s face appeared. The king smiled and said it made him feel better, after which he revealed to Domas & Hokuro, as well as everyone else, that Bojji is alive and that he became stronger. However, it hasn’t been that long since Bojji’s training with Despa began, so it’s quite surprising that he’s already the strongest in the world. The criteria of the magic mirror is unknown. Hopefully Bojji still has some other talent besides dodging, as splitting that rock must have some logical explanation! Funnily enough, we also saw Bosse split a rock using his new power right after meeting Bojji for the first time.

Ranking of Kings Episode 8

The truth behind Bosse’s power is sad for the princes, but he doesn’t seem like an antagonist yet. He also whispered something away from the Magic Mirror, and he may be looking to avoid killing Hiling as well. Domas has the task of shutting down a path to the underground (where the resurrection happened?), and we also saw that Daida has gained some kind of a conscience, likely inside of his mind. His vision before showed Bojji saving him from darkness, and we’ll see what happens in the future.

As we suspected, Bebin is also still alive. He seemed way too important to kill off by Apeas, who turned out to be way less dependable than we expected. As for episode 9, it will release on Funimation on December 9th, and we can look forward to seeing Bojji’s progress after completing Despa’s training!

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