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Ranking of Kings Anime Makes the Biggest Jump of Fall 2021 So Far, Ranks Top 3 in Week 4

It took 3 episodes, but the Ranking of Kings anime finally entered the top 10 list at Anime Corner, and with a top 3 placement at that! It jumped up 16 spots from 19th, and sits at 3rd behind Mieruko-chan and My Senpai is Annoying. This was the week that received most votes so far, as 21,227 people participated. The average for the previous 3 weeks was 13508 people voting. This was also the biggest jump in ranking we’ve had this season!

Top 10 Anime of Fall 2021 Week 4:

Bojji’s adventure in Ranking of Kings had an awesome start, but it didn’t immediately get a lot of attention. Most of the people who watched it also thought it was one of the best shows this season, so it was only a matter of time before it got enough praise to break out of the ‘hidden gem’ status. And it did so with an even bigger jump than the other WIT Studio gem Vivy- Fluorite Eye’s Song- from back in Spring 2021’s week 3. It’s worth noting that Vivy also had an underrated start, but then it won the Best New Anime of Spring 2021 title at the end.

Ranking of Kings gave a lot of new information in its 3rd episode. It revealed Hiling’s true nature, introduced some kind of a devil, as well as a giant snake that Bojji can somehow hear/understand. It also started off our prince’s journey, with something sinister teased for the new king Daida’s plans.

Most of the votes were still from episode 2, and you can now vote for the Ranking of Kings anime to rank highly in week 5 for episode 3, which released Thursday, October 28.

The anime is the latest gem from WIT studio, and you can watch it on Funimation.

Source: Anime Corner Ranking
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