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Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- Voted Best New Anime of the Season for Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 anime season is officially behind us, and “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-“ has been voted as the best new anime of the season by the fans of Anime Corner (with votes from over 48,000+ people)! The AI’s 100-year journey has left us amazed, and WIT Studio certainly delivered with the production. With that said, let’s take a quick look at how the anime started out on our weekly polls.

In week 1, it only ranked 8th after a pretty strong start with its double episode. Immediately the week after, it dropped out of top 10! It somehow dropped down to 16, which was pretty surprising since it was also a pretty good episode with the evil Estella reveal.

However, week 3 marked the beginning of Vivy’s rise. In episode 4, Vivy confronted Elizabeth in an amazing action sequence. There was also the ending where the 2 Sisters sang as the Paradise crashed and Vivy noted feeling a bit jealous. This episode gave a 15-spot rise to the anime, and it ranked 1st for the first time!

Then it dropped to 4th the following week, only to get back to 1st in week 5! Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- was the first anime to be ranked 1st twice at that point in the Spring 2021 season, and the episode that made it rise back was also incredible. It was the one where Vivy had to shut down Grace, and where she broke down at the end. It also featured a cool sequence featuring Matsumoto, and it wasn’t a surprise when it took the #1 spot.

The following week (6), it dropped down to 6 after a slower episode where Vivy had lost her memories and was now Diva instead. It got a quick rise to #2 right after. Then, with Antonio having revealed himself, we got a showdown between the AIs and Vivy was back to #1 in week 8. Once again, it was an awesome fight that gave it the top, and this one was again spectacular. It featured Matsumoto fighting Antonio while Vivy faced Kakutani as an AI. It ended with Diva disappearing and Vivy returning.

The following 3 weeks, Vivy remained within the top 4 but couldn’t quite take the top against the other Spring 2021 season’s anime. It ranked 2nd -> 4th > 3rd, and was now on its finale. They had to repeat the time skip twice, with Osamu-sensei having to sacrifice himself the last time. Vivy had to sing to shut down Archive and all the AI, and she did it magnificently. Matsumoto handled the other front along with Elizabeth and co. and still got in time to protect Vivy. It was a beautiful anime to the end, and we got to see a short-haired Vivy and Matsumoto one last time, not sure if those were the same AIs that we knew.

With all that said, Vivy was the anime that ranked 1st the highest number of times (4), but it was still not enough as it had a #16 rank once and Fruits Basket: The Final was also consistent. Still, Vivy takes the title of the Best New Anime of the Season for Spring 2021, which is huge considering it was the only original anime frequently in the top 10. Its biggest competitors for best new anime were 86 -EIGHTY SIX- (light novel adaptation), Tokyo Revengers (manga) and To Your Eternity (manga). You can also check out the full Spring 2021 ranking.

As for Vivy, you can watch the anime on Funimation. I promise you that the synopsis is not as interesting as the actual anime, but you can read that:

NiaLand is an A.I. theme park that brings dreams to life with science. Vivy, the first autonomous android to work there, has hopes of making people happy with her singing. One day, an A.I. teddy bear named Matsumoto appears, claiming to have come from 100 years in the future—where a war between A.I. and humans rages. Their century-long journey starts now!

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