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MAPPA to “Improve the Workplace Environment” With New Studio Annex

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An architecture media site, Architecture Photo, released photos of MAPPA’s new “Studio Annex”. The desk material and the open space of the lounge were designed with “the intention to improve the workplace environment”. According to Ryuu Nakayama (the director of “Chainsaw Man”), MAPPA is making the “Chainsaw Man” anime in the new studio. Apparently, the studio is close to the station and convenience stores and has a nice interior.

You can also check his Tweet with some pictures of the MAPPA’s new studio below:

Tweet about MAPPA’s new “Studio Annex”

He’s encouraging every young and motivated digital animator to join MAPPA as they are thinking of reaching out to students, newcomers, and people without experience.

Notes also explain that due to skilled animators going to China they want to secure talented people and improve the workplace environment. Not only that, they plan to create an “animators village” with a shop and café that fans will also be able to visit. They also set up an open-space lounge where people can refresh themselves. They are thinking of gathering all the annex studios to make one big site along the Chuo line.

During its 10th anniversary, MAPPA announced a lot of new shows they’ll be working on. Among the announcements, they also released the much anticipated “Chainsaw Man” anime trailer. Looking at how stacked the staff behind the show is and the MAPPA’s new “annex studio”, we hope that it will be a success!

Source: Architecture Photo via Anime News Network
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