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Fruits Basket: The Final Voted Anime of the Season for Spring 2021

The results of our Anime of the Season polls have finally been announced, and Fruits Basket: The Final has come out on top for Spring 2021! Anime Corner followers loved Fruits Basket: The Final, as is demonstrated by its ranking throughout the season.

The anime managed to rank first in our Anime of the Week polls on three separate occasions. It also ranked second a staggering six times! In fact, the anime only dropped out of the top three rankings on one occasion. Considering the polls lasted a total of twelve weeks, this is an achievement in and of itself.

A look back at Fruits Basket: The Final’s ranking throughout the season of Spring 2021

The first time Fruits Basket: The Final ranked #1 in our Anime of the Week polls, was for its fourth episode, “I’m…Home”. This episode focused on Haru and Rin, who was being held captive by the wicked Akito. Not only did Haru and Rin reunite as a couple, but Haru stood up to Akito and became the first Zodiac to have their curse broken – a monumental plot development. Aside from that, the episode was full of beautiful moments between one of the show’s fan-favorite couples. It’s no surprise it was such a hit among our Anime Corner audience.

The second time Fruits Basket: The Final ranked #1 was for its seventh episode, “That’s Right, It’s Empty”. This episode was a big one, focusing primarily on Akito and her troubled relationship with her mom. Additionally, Kyo continues to have ominous nightmares that hint toward some big plot reveal. Other episode highlights include flashbacks that shed light on Akito’s parents’ relationship, and Hiro’s Zodiac curse breaking. But it’s probably the episode’s cliff-hanger ending, in which Akito stabs Kureno, that had fans voting for it in our polls.

The third and final time Fruits Basket: The Final ranked #1 in our Anime of the Week polls in Spring 2021 was for its ninth episode, “What’s Your Name?” This episode represents Akito’s redemption as a character. After (dramatically) confronting her with a knife, Tohru ultimately convinced Akito that it’s not too late for her to change. It’s an episode that depicts huge character growth for the series antagonist. However, this may have been somewhat overshadowed by Kyo and Tohru sharing their first ever kiss. Nonetheless, the episode is indeed full of moments that make it worthy of its #1 ranking.

A stellar finale

The last episode of Fruits Basket: The Final aired on June 28. Shortly afterwards, the anime shot up to #1 on MyAnimeList’s Top Anime Series list, surpassing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Though it has since dropped down to #4, its initial reception among fans suggests they were more than satisfied with the series’ ending.

What are your thoughts on Fruits Basket: The Final, adn did it deserve to rank first as anime of the season for Spring 2021? The Summer 2021 season of anime is just beginning! You can now vote for your favorite Anime of the Week for the new season in our polls.


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