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The Heartfelt Beauty of Remake Our Life

Episode 1 of the new anime series Remake Our Life finally premiered worldwide, and its heartfelt beauty gave us a lot of impact! The series had lots of wonderful inspiring real-life references and that makes it the best slice-of-life anime there is. Additionally, the one-hour length of the first episode was truly able to start the story at its best.

If you were to be given another chance to remake your life, what would you do?

Here’s what the series will engrave into your hearts and minds – the beauty of being a human.

One Chance, One Time Only

The series depicts the story of Kyouya Hashiba who had one more chance to remake his life. A person who was given a chance to make amends for his regrets. He gradually worked twice as a game developer but ended up losing both jobs. With exhaustion in his body and hopelessness in his mind, a simple nap in the afternoon will change his life.

It may be an interesting and wonderful concept of being able to remake our life, but in reality, it is an eccentric and bizarre thought. Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that such ideas can only exist in fiction. Thus, we only have one chance and one time only.

And we have to give it our very best and be extra careful with our choices, unlike what Kyouya did in the first place. He never thinks about the nature of the world. Instead, think about your very own future. It might be true that the world is cruel, but never let that train of thought ruin your dreams.

Our Own Purpose

Kyouya felt envious of the others as to how they have their own unique, special talents. Meanwhile, looking at himself, he always thought he has nothing to be proud of. But his friend and apparently his idol Shino Aki proved himself wrong and said, “People who can’t do anything are all trying to find what we can do.

Just like how Shino Aki said, find what you can do. We all have our own purposes. Not everyone can be a singer, a dancer, or an athlete; so, find your own talent and embrace it.

The Final Question

With all those in mind, it all boils down to a simple question. The question you must answer in order for you to know who you really are.

What do you want to do? And what is it that you can do?

The heartfelt beauty of Remake Our Life is truly worth watching so you can stream the series here on Crunchyroll! Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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