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Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- Finale: Masterpiece to the End

“Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-“ has been one of the best shows since the first episode, and the finale did not disappoint! This episode started with Vivy’s last chance to return through time, and she went to help Yui. This meant Osamu’s irreversible death, and it was a choice he made himself, in hope of saving humanity this time. She quickly got through to Elizabeth and Yui, and they devised the plan to shut down Archive and all AI. It required Vivy to sing, which Matsumoto asked her about, and she answered that she can probably do it. They shared a wholesome moment, where Vivy made a joke for the first time in 100 years, as Matsumoto stated.

The plan was for Vivy to sing the shutdown program through her song, while the others would make sure to shut down Archive for long enough and get all the AIs to be exposed to it. Vivy went to Nia land, to the Main Stage once again. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Matsumoto lead the attack on the other side, barely managing to stop the timer in time. Navi appeared again after a while, and tried to talk Vivy out of the plan. Her old partner AI told her she would also shut down, to which Vivy replied she was aware. Navi even made a Momoka hologram to try swaying her, but Vivy saw through that and got to the stage.

This scene seems to be the same one from the beginning of episode 1. Vivy got out to the Main Stage, and started singing the song “Fluorite Eyes” (might be the real title). As she sang, there were screens behind her, showing everything she went through so far. The song was also the same as the instrumental ED we’d been hearing so far! At one point when he shut down the timer, Matsumoto saw that a satellite was aiming for Nia Land and rushed over. He sacrificed himself, or at least that cube/body to save Vivy, and she successfully shut down all the rampaging AIs, at the cost of crashing herself.

The ending showed Vivy and Matsumoto again, although we don’t know where or even when. Vivy has a new, short haircut, and no memories. The time seems to be less futuristic too. It’s either not real, a really long time in the future when the AIs are up and running again, or it’s not the same Vivy but just a copy. There’s probably even more option, but it was still satisfying to see both of them again in the end. This concluded an awesome original anime, and you can vote for it as the best episode on our weekly poll!

You can now watch the “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” finale on Funimation. The story for the anime was written by the Re:Zero creator Nagatsuki Tappei along with Umehara Eiji, and the animation was handled by WIT Studio. The music in Vivy has also been beautiful, and you can check out the OP “Sing my Pleasure” on YouTube. It has been an amazing ride, and I’ll definitely also miss Vivy Saturdays!

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