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Shadows House Episode 11 - A Pact is Formed

Shadows House episode 11 picks up where the story left off and brings up new mysteries, but also some horrifying revelations.

First off, manga readers will be surprised with this week’s episode. The storyline was changed, once again. The mangaka duo took to Twitter to explain the reasoning and reassure the fans. Apparently, everything will connect properly at the end, and there is no need to worry. This is the second time the plot has been changed in the anime adaptation of Shadows House manga. However, we won’t be detailing the manga events here and will instead focus on the anime. You can check out the authors’ explanation below:

Authors explain the changes

What are living dolls?

In last week’s episode, we got to find out the truth behind the Shadows House. Shadows are actually a type of fairy, skilled at mimicking others. They bond with their dolls, take on their form and then later take over their bodies as well. However, this episode expands on the idea. We finally learn what living dolls actually are. It probably isn’t a surprise to most, but dolls are actually humans. Shadows exploit the neighboring villages and control the population by burning coal made out of the soot. This makes the people more likely to give up their children, even though they think they’ll only become servants in the big house.

The Shadows who go to pick up the children pretend to be humans and pass themselves off as normal nobles. It’s unclear how big the outside world is, but we do know that a few villages are under Shadows’ control.

Kate and Emilico struggle to undo the brainwashing

It seems like Kate knew about this process. Emilico was the same – she was taken from her home, given coffee, and “turned” into a living doll. We last left off with Emilico being brainwashed by Lord Grandfather’s coffee once again, something Kate hopes to fix. And she does – she goes out of her way for Emilico and manages to undo the damage the coffee did.

An unlikely pact is formed

Kate tells Emilico everything, and they decide to work together. However, someone has different plans and Emilico disappears. She was taken by a veiled doll, or someone pretending to be one.

Desperate Kate runs to John for help. They team up with Lou and Louise, as well as Patrick and Ricky because they think Edward might have taken Emilico. All of them dislike Edward and are ready to put their differences aside for a common goal. We catch a glimpse of a small soot Shadow listening in on their conversation. However, it escapes before being noticed. Whether it’s an ally or an enemy is hopefully something we’ll learn soon, as there are only 2 episodes left.

You can watch Shadows House episode 11 on Funimation, as well as vote for it on Anime Corner’s weekly poll.

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