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Vivy Opening “Sing My Pleasure” Exceeds 1 Million Views

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The official Twitter for Vivy -Flourite Eye’s Song shared the milestone of the opening song “Sing My Pleasure” exceeding 1 million views on YouTube! It’s performed by Kairi Yagi, and was only uploaded about 40 days ago on April 17, 2021. You can enjoy the video below:

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song opening “Sing My Pleasure” (1 million+ views)

Besides the cool opening, Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song is one of the best shows of Spring 2021. Our fans have also shown support as it’s frequently ranked in the top 10 shows of the week, even taking the top twice! It’s an original anime, with story by Nagatsuki Tappei (Re:Zero) and Umehara Eiji (also worked on Re:Zero script, as well as the visual novel ChäoS;Child). The music is obviously great too, and it’s available on streaming services already.

The animation is also incredible, and WIT Studio is in charge of it. Some of their previous works (after Attack on Titan) were also Vinland Saga and Great Pretender. Both were awesome as well. A fun fact about Vivy is that she has 2 people lending their voices to her. Tanezaki Atsumi voices the character Vivy, while Kairi Yagi is in charge of the singing (and opening which now has over 1 million views)!

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Source: Official Twitter and Aniplex YouTube
Official Website: vivy-portal.com
©Vivy Score / アニプレックス・WIT STUDIO

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