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Plushy Pochita From Chainsaw Man Available in Japan

With the hype around Chainsaw Man, Pochita is now also getting some attention in the form of a new plushy version! Starting yesterday (May 26), Pochita is available in Japan in different plushy versions. The official Twitter for Chainsaw Man made the announcement:

Chainsaw Man – Plushy Pochita

Lian Q Labo and Tamaki Co. are distributing the giant toy, and fans can get it in various amusement parks and arcades around Japan. It comes in two styles and one is a happy Pochita with his tongue out. The other is a more relaxed one with only a smile. Both are made of soft fabric and are completely safe.

Meanwhile, the manga has finished Part 1 is now getting ready to continue in Denji’s highschool life. The anime adaptation by MAPPA is also getting closer. Its first trailer will release on June 27, and we might also get some hint as to when it will air.

Fans in Japan are lucky to be able to get a Pochita plushy as we wait for the Chainsaw Man story to continue. For the overseas fans, guess re-reading the manga and getting excited is also good.

Source: Official Twitter
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