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Ranking of Kings Episode 19 Preview Released

Ranking of Kings will release episode 19 this Thursday, and the preview video for it has been released. After ending last week’s episode with Kage unleashing a different form, it’s time to see what exactly he did. It seems like he brought Desha and Bojji into some different dimension, while Domas, Apeas, Bebin, Mitsumata and Borshe are left to fight Ouken. You can watch the preview:

Ranking of Kings – Episode 19 Preview

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Funimation and Crunchyroll are streaming the anime, and there are 18 episodes out for its as of February 17, 2021. Episode 19 will release on February 24 at 00:45 JST, and the preview reveals its title to be “The Last Stand”. If you enjoy the episode, you’ll be able to vote for it as the best of the week.

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