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Ranking of Kings Episode 8 Preview Released

The official Twitter account for the Ranking of Kings has shared a preview video for episode 8 which will release tomorrow (Thursday) on December 2, 2021. It seems like we’ll see the devil again and learn the secret behind King Bosse’s power, as well as see him post-resurrection in Daida’s body. Check out the preview:

We also see what seems to be a grown-up Bojji. It’s likely some vision the devil showed Bosse or some dream, which makes more sense if he really took his power.

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Funimation streams the anime, and there are 7 episodes out as of November 28, 2021. Episode 8 will release on Funimation on December 2 at 00:45 JST. The opening theme song by King Gnu is also still going strong, with over 15 million views on YouTube since its release on October 15. Not to forget the ending theme song by yama, which sits at over 4 million since its October 22 premiere. Both fit the anime perfectly, and are songs we can’t skip!

The preview for episode 8 seems exciting, and it looks like we’ll finally learn a bit more about one of the mysteries of Ranking of Kings!

Images via Funimation
Ranking of Kings official website: osama-ranking.com
Ranking of Kings official Twitter: @osama_ranking
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