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Ranking of Kings 7: Bojji Gets to Training, King Bosse's Dark Truth

Ranking of Kings continues to be arguably the best show of Fall 2021, and episode 7 had a lot more precious Bojji moments, as well as a rather dark truth reveal for King Bosse. If you enjoyed the episode, don’t forget to vote for it this week (results on Fridays). Its biggest ranking so far was 3rd in week 4!

First, we were properly introduced to Despa, king Desha’s brother who he’s jealous off. His voice is the immediately recognizable Takahiro Sakurai, and it fits Despa’s personality perfectly. He’s a (not really) humble person who seems to have some hidden talents of his own, and he accepts Bojji as his apprentice. However, it’s clear he values money most. His face lit up upon Kage’s life savings, which was also the main reason he accepted the young prince. WIT Studio also commemorated the episode with a special illustration of that scene:

We learn that his older brother also had a difficult start, and that he has a face complex. Despa also seems to hold his face in high regard. He even seemingly got into a fight at a bar because someone told him it looked like a camel. That was only one of many amusing expressions he showed, and it seems like the staff is really having fun with this show. Thankfully, the other guy looked even worse, apparently!

Bojji’s Training

We also learned a bit more about giants. Bojji made them breakfast, and it caused for some more fun expressions. While the young prince was overjoyed with the meal, the other two couldn’t stomach a single bite. It looked like poison, and Despa explained that giants are immune to most of those, among other things. This, of course, meant that they shouldn’t let him cook for them again. They easily agree to that, and Kage takes care of the cooking afterwards.

Despa later takes Bojji to pick a weapon, and he seems to pick something that fits him perfectly. They didn’t show what it is, but it seems like he already made some great progress with it. After all, we saw a giant boulder split in two in front of him at the end, though it’s unclear what exactly happened.

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Who is King Bosse?

Besides Bojji and Kage’s side, we had a glimpse of what happened with Daida. They revealed that the elixir Miranjo and her servants (including Apeas) made him drink was actually a resurrection elixir. What this apparently means is that King Bosse was resurrected in Daida’s body, and it’s unclear if the young prince is now gone forever. While this seemed like a loyalty thing from Miranjo at first, Bosse/Daida’s words made it a lot darker. He says “So… I’ve sacrificed another one of my sons…”. This makes it clear that it wasn’t the first time this happened. It makes us wonder how many times this ‘resurrection’ happened. Was King Bosse also just another ‘son’s’ body…?

This brings about another question. Since King Bosse put Bojji as the next king in his will, did he intend to sacrifice him instead of Daida? It seems overly complicated that he was in on Miranjo’s plot. After all, it included Hiling asking to veto Bosse’s will, and if they wanted Daida to be on the throne at the time of the resurrection, it would’ve made way more sense to just name him king. On the other hand, while she clearly loved Bojji, Hiling herself would likely be less willing to make her own son king if she knew that he’d be sacrificed shortly afterwards…

It would make sense that Miranjo preferred the talented Daida as the next vessel rather than Bojji, so she may have done that part on her own. Hopefully we learn more about it, as well as the devil that came out of King Bosse’s body when he ‘died’!

Another possibility is that by ‘another son’, King Bosse meant Bojji, whose giant power he took when he was born.

Ranking of Kings Episode 8

So, the truth about King Bosse will likely be revealed later in the Ranking of Kings, and it sadly makes his ‘strongest’ in the world a bit less admirable. I mean, if he’s had a ton of lifetimes to build upon it, it doesn’t seem as impressive.. Either way, It will be interesting to see if Bojji eventually has to face the now ‘King Daida’ in the future. As for episode 8, it will release on Funimation on December 2nd, and hopefully we learn more about Bojji’s new weapon and skills!

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