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Ranking of Kings Finale (Episode 23) Preview Revealed

The final week of the spring anime season is also bringing us the preview for episode 23 of Ranking of Kings. After a somewhat shocking turn of events in the previous episode, fans will be able to see where Daida’s determination takes him. Bojji and Kage will have their moment in the spotlight as well, and overall it seems like we will be getting a satisfying finale.

Ranking of Kings – episode 23 preview video

Funimation and Crunchyroll are streaming the anime, which is animated by WIT Studio. Crunchyroll describes the plot as:
How prosperous your nation is, how many powerful warriors it boasts, and how heroic and strong its king is. These are the criteria that factor into the system known as the Ranking of Kings. The main character, Bojji, was born the first prince of the kingdom ruled by King Bossu, who is ranked number seven. But Bojji was born unable to hear and is so powerless that he can’t even swing a sword. In consequence, his own retainers and the public, look down upon him as completely unfit to be king. It is then that Bojji finds his first friend, Kage, and Bojji’s life takes a dramatic turn…

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Source: Aniplex Official YouTube Channel
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