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Suisei no Freyline Anime Casts AZKi, Ruri Asano, MaiR and More

Upcoming Suisei no Freyline (Comet Freyline) anime is getting a prologue episode on April 1, and an interesting cast ensemble has been revealed. VTubers AZKi, Ruri Asano, MaiR, Ginga Alice, and Kyoko Kuramochi are joining the cast as outlined in an announcement on BS Fuji’s Ume-chan’s Twitter account:

In addition to the VTubers who are joining the Suisei no Freyline anime, the cast also includes:

  • Tomokazu Sugita as Morita
  • Rie Takahashi as the Guild Mistress
  • Kikuko Inoue as the Goddess Chief
  • Yuri Ehara as Hikari
  • Yurie Kozakai as Wakaba
  • Marina Yamada as Mizuki
  • Shuu Natani as Sumire
  • Yua Nagae as Sakura

Araki Inoru and Yoshiki Iida are also part of the cast, but their roles are yet to be revealed There is also no information at this moment whether the VTuber cast will play characters or appear in cameo roles.

Hiroyuki Furukawa (My Sister, My Writer) is directing, doing series composition, and writing the screenplay. Kou Aine is in charge of character design, with Ayaka Nagano as the color designer. Masakazu Miyake is the art director. Yuuka Shiina is the director of photography and Yuri Tamura is in charge of editing. STUDIO6’oN will animate the series.

Morita wakes up in a different world than the one he is used to. In order to save this strange, other world, he enlists the help of fairies and demi-humans. Can they save the world with song and dance brought upon by idols?

Comet Freyline Synopsis from BS Fuji, translated by AC

Source: BS Fuji Official Website
©Suisei no Freyline

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