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Raphtalia Added Into The ISEKAI App

The official website for the ISEKAI conversation app announced that Raphtalia has been added. Previously only Megumin from Konosuba was available. In case you are wondering what exactly the app is, it basically lets you “chat” and interact with the virtual characters. They have voiced lines by the voice actresses from the anime (Asami Seto for Raphtalia and Takahashi Rie for Megumin), and can do a few different things. Besides an alarm clock, there’s also a stopwatch and timer, and you can also pay for different lines and outfits. Since Raphtalia in ISEKAI app is a new addition, there is also a Twitter campaign you can join:

As the image says, you can follow and retweet this to have a chance to win a signed autograph. I obviously didn’t use it before, but I did try it a bit. It has an English subtitled version (paid) and there seem to be some very interesting outfits (paid) and voice options (also paid). The free version does let you use some basic options too, and it’s not limited to Japan.

Like I said, I did try it. Although I like Raphtalia and Asami Seto, I’d 100% go with Megumin IF I were to use the app. Just look at her!

Not to mention I’m a big Rieri fan. Here’s also a video of her playing with the app:

Anyway, the point is that they added Raphtalia into the app. We’ll also be seeing/hearing her in the second season of Shield Hero!

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