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Real Life Infinity Train Introduced In Japan

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If you follow any anime page on social media, chances are you have been seeing a lot of Demon Slayer lately. The Infinity Train movie premiered on October 16 and has smashed a lot of records in the ~15 days so far. So with merchandise for the franchise selling like crazy, Japan thought “Can’t we go bigger?”. How big? If we’re talking size, a real life infinity train is probably the farthest they could take it. And they did. The vehicle is powered by a steam locomotive and people can purchase a ticket at the Kumamoto terminal. It stops by several stations in the Gunma prefecture, Japan. A lot of fans gathered, so images and videos were quickly online:

Real Life Infinity Train - Based on Demon Slayer
Real Life Infinity Train - Based on Demon Slayer

To add some perspective and explain why this makes sense, the movie has already earned ~14.33 billion yen. In 15 days! According to a random online converter, that’s equal to roughly $143 million USD! Of course they’ll do anything to keep up the hype, and it might blow up all over again when the movie gets an international release. (Currently set for some time in early 2021.) Not to mention the rumored Season 2, which could quickly follow too. It will be surprising if they don’t officially confirm it soon/for 2021, as there’s definitely a lot fans ready for it. In any case, Japan has always been interesting to us weebs. Now we Demon Slayer fans just have 1 more thing to try if we ever happen to visit, a real life infinity train!

Source: Twitter Profile MOMOppy

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