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Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Gets 3rd Trailer

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 has revealed a 3rd trailer featuring Part 1 (episodes 1-10) ahead of its premiere on Japanese TV networks on April 14. The episodes have been streaming on Netflix since January 26, and you can watch the new trailer:

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 – New Trailer (Part 1)

The remaining episodes will be released as Part 2 later this year. Studios Graphinica and Yumeta Company are in charge of the animation, with Masao Okubo as the director. The same studios also worked on the first season of the anime that premiered in 2021. The cast includes:

  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Brünnhilde
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Gautama Buddha
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Göll
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Heracles
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Jack the Ripper
  • Subaru Kimura as Raiden
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Shiva

The manga is written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, while Ajichika handles the illustration. It has been ongoing since November 2017, and VIZ Media licensed it in English. They describe the story:
Once every millennium, the gods assemble to decide if humanity is worthy of its continued existence or if it should be destroyed! When the verdict is destruction, the final battle between the gods and mortal heroes will decide the survival or extinction of the human race—a battle known as Ragnarok!

Source: Warner Bros. Japan Anime YouTube
©Azychika, Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui / Coamix, Record of Ragnarok Production Committee

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