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Redo of Healer Uncensored Version Will Broadcast Again

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The popular hit anime ‘Redo of Healer’ will broadcast its uncensored version again on AT-X. Earlier this day, July 12, 2021, the official Twitter account for the anime posted the announcement. The show will broadcast all at once on August 28, 2021.

You can check out the tweet below:

In case you didn’t know, satellite broadcaster AT-X released the uncensored version of the anime ‘Redo of Healer’ when it was still airing last Winter 2021.

What is Redo of Healer?

Redo of Healer anime key visual

Tsukiyo Rui launched the light novel ‘Redo of Healer’ in July 2017. Kadokawa Shoten is the one who published it. Later on, the same publisher serialized a manga adaptation of it in October of the same year.

The light novel currently has 9 volumes, while the manga has 8 volumes. Then, its anime adaptation under studio TNK aired in the Winter 2021 season with a total of 12 episodes.

If you want to know more details about the anime, you can read them here on Anime Corner.

For those who are not aware, below is the anime’s synopsis:

In a dark world of monsters, adventurers, and mages, some of the most gifted healers are subjugated to brute force even by the hands of their compatriots. But one mage, Kayal, gains the ability to rewind time, turn the tables, and right all wrongs.

Source: Official Twitter
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