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Reiji Miyajima's The Shiunji Family Children Gets Anime Adaptation

The Shiunji Family Children, another manga series by the Rent-a-Girlfriend mangaka Reiji Miyajima, is getting an anime adaptation. A commemorative illustration by Miyajima himself has been released as part of the announcement.

The Shiunji Family Children Anime – Commemorative Illustration

The name for the first season of the anime has already been completed. Even those who look like they have everything, including their houses and looks, must be constantly losing something, worrying, and supporting each other in their lives. I am looking forward to seeing “The Shiunji Family Children” in action!

Statement from Reiji Miyajima on the anime adaptation (via Official X, ACN edit)

The Shiunji Family Children manga by Reiji Miyajima has been serialized in Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine since February 2022. As of this writing, the manga has two volumes out, with the third one to be released this February 16. Yen Press has licensed it in English, describing the first volume as:

The love between brother and sister. The love between man and woman. That which is most forbidden is most unyielding. The two sons and five daughters of the Shiunji family shine like brilliant gems, each with intelligence and beauty in equal measure. And with the pedigree of their wealthy father behind them, how could they not be the talk of the town? Eldest son Arata has spent his life being tossed around by the whims of his colorful sisters, yet a little teasing won’t stop him from valuing his family over anything and anyone else. But when his youngest sister turns fifteen, their father reveals a long-hidden secret of the Shiunji “siblings” and knocks Arata’s world off its axis…

Aside from The Shiunji Family Children, Miyajima is mostly known for his Rent-a-Girlfriend manga series, with its 35th volume to be released on February 15. Some of his other works include Suzuki no Shiten (2009), AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jorei (2010), Mononote: Edo Shinobi Kagyo (2016), 22/7 +α (2020), as well as his one shots Pool no Saboten (2005), Icon (2008), and Kanojo, Tensei Shimasu (2020). He also did the series composition for the 2020 anime adaptation of 22/7.

Source: Official X (Twitter)
©Reiji Miyajima/Hakusensha (Young Animal)

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