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Rent a Girlfriend Volume 35 Set to Release on February 15

Did you know? Nature puts a lot of effort into beauty. The more attractive an animal, the more likely it is to continue its genetic line. Brightly colored fish, fabulous plumage on birds? Those attract mates. Even plants use everything from colors to pheromones to mimicry to ensure that their hereditary line continues. Humans tend to believe we’re above baser instincts. But, when you see someone you already find attractive in alluring or well-fitting clothing, your neurons will activate. That’s a fact. If you see someone that you find attractive wearing your clothes, it will trigger an ever greater dopamine rush, and for a good reason. Having a partner wear your clothes is a sign of affection and closeness. And in volume 35 of Rent a Girlfriend, we get that sweet dopamine release. Or at least Kazuya does. Slated for release in Japan on February 16, the 35 volume of Reiji Miyajima’s Rent a Girlfriend features the manga’s main heroine, the lovely Chizuru Mizuhara, with arms outstretched wearing Kazuya’s iconic orange shirt.

First published in 2017, the manga has been running weekly in Shonen Magazine and has over 11 million copies in circulation and a successful TV anime. Boasting 3 seasons, all of which have been animated by TMS Entertainment and are streaming on Crunchyroll. Rent a Girlfriend shows a rather unorthodox approach to love.

After his first failed romance, Kazuya turns to the world of compensated dating and meets the perfect girlfriend. But, after reading reviews that mirror people expressing his own experience, he leaves a bad review. As he believes that Chizuru is as fake as a dollar bill in North Korea. Understandably angry, she confronts him about this. But as their altercation is underway, Kazuya finds out that his grandmother collapsed. They rush to the hospital, where fate ends up binding them in a fake relationship to appease their family members.

As anyone who’s ever had a lie spiral out of hand can tell you. You end up going too deep too fast and soon you’re unable to come clean, and because of various hiccups, the two are stuck in their pretend game for some time. But the only thing that makes a lie untruthful is that what’s being said doesn’t mirror the reality of the situation. But what happens when the lie starts to mirror it?

Source: Reiji Miyajima X
©Reiji Miyajima, Kodansha / “Kanojo, Okarishimasu” Production Committee 2023

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