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Remake Our Life Episode 3: He Loves Her Art

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Episode 3 of the anime series Remake Our Life finally premiered and Team Kitayama’s first project output was a success! It may not be perfectly done, but it is creatively well made. Team Kitayama’s creative journey has begun, and many more thoughts, ideas, and emotions will be overflowing within our hearts and minds!

This week’s episode will give you heart-throbbing moments that will spark the creativity within you! From being successful at a certain achievement, or feeling anxious about one’s talent – this latest episode has it all. Also, please be aware of spoilers!

Short Film was a Success!

In the previous episode, the students were tasked to form a group and create a 3-minute short film. And that was when Team Kitayama first started and their creative journey ahead. We could also recall Kawasegawa warning Kyouya that their short film will be occupying the first place.

Well, with Kawasegawa’s pure talent and passion, her team did take the top spot for the short film project. Meanwhile, Team Kitayama placed 3rd because of how unique their short film was – a collection of snapshots depicting the life of a girl. Since Tsurayuki accidentally borrowed the wrong equipment, Kyouya improvised and asked the photography club and student Takashi Kiryuu for advice.

The Singer and Her Audience

After working for their part-time job, Nanako asked Kyouya to come along with her to a karaoke hub. Kyouya went along and witnessed Nanako’s talent in singing that somehow needs more work.

Afterward, Nanako asked for Kyouya’s help in aiding her to bring out the best talent she ever had in singing. Kyouya even suggested recording Nanako’s performance and uploading it to a Japan-only video-sharing website. With a very shy and timid reaction at first, she blissfully accepted his offer as long as he will help her improve.

The Blooming Artist

The next day, Nanako, Shino Aki, and Kyouya visited the photography club that incidentally kidnapped them in the previous episode. Because of the increase in their members, the photography club was able to get enough budget for their club activities. Thus, the other members of the club were thankful for their presence, and they properly introduced themselves.

On the way home, Nanako parted ways with Shino Aki and Kyouya. Along the way, Shino Aki asked Kyouya if he already knew about her talent in drawing. She even said that she’s keeping it a secret because she’s not confident enough with her own talent.

She thought of giving up with her talent, but Kyouya’s words reflected in her heart and lit up the creative spark in herself. It was at that time when Kyouya said, “I love your art, Shino Aki.” With his inspiring words, Shino Aki has decided to pursue her goal – creating more artworks that Kyouya will always love.

This week’s episode shows us that perfection isn’t a requirement, but creativeness and resourcefulness are; Like how Kyouya thought of a way to make things work even though there have been some difficulties. What’s more, is that how the relationships between fellow colleagues are very important in anyone’s university life.

And more importantly, Shino Aki tells us in this episode to be confident with our own talents and passion. We should be strong enough to accept hardship and face every struggle we might encounter. Just like her, we can surely be successful a few years from now.

You can watch episode 3 of Remake Our Life here on Crunchyroll and Ani-One Asia’s Official YouTube Channel! Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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