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Remake Our Life Episode 6: Tsurayuki's Fiancée?!

Episode 6 of the “Remake Our Life” anime series finally premiered and Team Kitayama’s starting game development and it sounds pretty hard! Also, do remember that the next episode will be a recap of the series. Please make sure you have watched the episode before reading this spoiler-filled content.

This week’s episode had its share of fun and a bit of romance in the air. What’s more, is that a new character was introduced and she looks extremely gorgeous! This latest episode surely left us in a big shock after ending in such a cliffhanger.

Tsurayuki’s Working Too Hard

Kyoya informed Tsurayuki that their professor was curious as to why Tsurayuki has been skipping class for the past week. He’s been focusing too much on the part-time jobs that he ended up sacrificing his time for studies. But who knew that Tsurayuki’s having a hard time ever since he entered art school?

Tsurayuki is actually taking a lot of part-time jobs in order for him to be able to pay his tuition fee. He also shared that he’s from a family of doctors and his parents also wanted him to be the same, which is why he ran away and decided to enter an art school.

While being able to earn money for studies is very important, Tsurayuki should never neglect his well-being. So our friendly neighborhood Kyoya decided to help him earn money without the cost of his health. And that’s why Team Kitayama’s finally starting to make a game!

Game Development is Pretty Hard

Kyoya suggested the whole Team Kitayama create their very own doujin game in order to help Tsurayuki earn money. Doujin games are very similar to indie games – these are games created by an individual or a short group of people.

Unfortunately, the rest of the crew haven’t even played a doujin game, and they don’t know how to create one! Tsurayuki’s in a big surprise after hearing Kyoya suggest adult scenes for the game. Meanwhile, Nanako ran in shock after trying out the doujin game Kyoya shared.

Could you believe that the big-shot game developers in the future are actually suffering in the present time? But with their own set of skills and inspiring talents, Team Kitayama will surely create a wonderful doujin game!

Tsurayuki’s Fiancée?

Right before the episode ended, Shino Aki, Nanako, and Kyoya told each other that they had all met a rich girl wandering around. Seeing how Tsurayuki reacted, it seems that he knows this person wearing a white beret!

Tsurayuki immediately rushed to his room and packed up his things saying that he needed to disappear for a day. But right before stepping outside, a huge man in black opened the door and an extremely gorgeous girl hugged Tsurayuki out of nowhere!

Afterward, the mysterious girl suddenly regained her composure and properly introduced herself. She’s Sayuri Jisshoji and she proclaimed herself as Tsurayuki’s fiancée!

Could she really be Tsurayuki’s fiancée? Stay tuned with the series and support it by voting for the Summer 2021 anime poll!

You can watch episode 6 of Remake Our Life here on Crunchyroll and Ani-One Asia’s Official YouTube Channel! Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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