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Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 20: The Truth of Sanctuary

Re:ZERO aka Re: Life in a different world from Zero Season 2 Episode 20 just released. The focus returns back onto Subaru again as we discover the cause and creation of Sanctuary.

The story telling of Re: Zero remains one of the best, but I especially want to credit the sound team. Their work and the amazing soundtrack enhnaces this episode so much. Slight spoilers are ahead, so be wary if you havent viewed this one already.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 20

The beginning of the episode focuses on Subaru’s confrontation with Roswaal. As a flashback begins showing Beatrice, Ryuuzu, Echidna, and past version Roswaal’s discussing their future plans. With Roswaal expressing he would like to stay and learn more from Echidna.

Off to a positive start, it was good to see this trio go through some light-hearted banter. The personalities of everyone really shine in this episode. Ryuuzu showed to a be kind person, always the mediator, and never judgmental. Beatrice continued her normal mockery but showed a much more caring side than what many have known her for and it was refreshing. Roswaal’s past self was witty, retorting back to Beatrice, but it was kind and playful.

Unfortunately, it’s very short-lived, because while the crew works on the barrier for Sanctuary. The very calamity the barrier was created to stop arrives. Panic rises, as Roswaal begs for answers but Echidna states that the barrier is almost done, but just isn’t ready. Echidna sadly states that the answer is to rush the completion of the barrier, at the cost of Ryuuzu.

However, Ryuuzu heroically accepts, as Roswaal runs off to buy time. Meanwhile, Ryuuzu takes off for Beatrice who was making final preparations. The destruction came from Hector the Demon witch of Melancholy, Roswaal fights bravely, but Hector quickly overpowers him. Luckily Echidna arrives to help hold him off a bit longer.

Finally, Ryuuzu finally meets Beatrice at the core of the barrier, as she tells Beatrice of the full plan. Beatrice is in shock as she begs her not to follow through. She pleads that she can work with Echidna in another way. However, like a mother, Ryuuzu calmly tells her there is not enough time and how much she appreciates everything they’ve given her.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 20 was another extremely good episode. Besides showing the devastating power of Hector, we got to experience previously unknown sides of key supporting characters. While the visuals and storytelling never disappoint. I want to again credit this amazing sound team who brought the perfect atmosphere for it.

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