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Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 23: Highest Rated of the Anime

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Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2 released Episode 23 this Wednesday, and it may have just been the best so far! It had a great fight between Garfiel and Elsa, Emilia’s 3rd and final trial, and finally the Ram & Puck vs Roswaal fight. In another ~29 minutes of action, White Fox delivered after all the build up, and fans’ reactions were amazing in return. The episode rose up to 3rd on our poll this week, jumping up by 5 spots. However, Attack on Titan had a strong episode as well and Mushoku Tensei ranked 2nd, so I checked some other sources to see the reactions.


First off, it got the highest ranking of all Re:Zero episodes on IMDb, and it’s still at 9.9. As far as Season 2 goes, the next highest ranked episode was Episode 8 “The Value of Life” with a 9.5. It was the episode when Otto sacrificed himself to save Subaru from Garfiel. That was also where we first saw the demon rabbits and where Subaru broke down to Echidna talking about his Return by Death. For reference, the highest ranked episode from Season 1 is Episode 15 “The Outside of Madness” with a 9.3. That’s where we first saw Petelgeuse and when Rem got disfigured trying to get Subaru back to sanity.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 23 best


Although this is a big achievement, these can change over time. So let’s also look at another place. Next up is the biggest anime subreddit (on Reddit), r/anime. The latest episode is 2nd in terms of upvotes at 14.6k (S2E1 is at 16.7k), but it got way more awards. You can see the screenshot below, and also visit the original post there.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 23 best


Lastly, fans on MyAnimeList also ranked it highly. Roughly 94% voted it as a 5/5 on the forum discussion, and you can join them here.

Whether episode 23 was the best or not, Re:Zero Season 2 has 2 more episodes, and the story is likely to only get better. Hopefully Ram can recover from the fight, and Roswaal accepts his defeat gracefully.

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Source: IMDb, Reddit, MyAnimeList, Thumbnail via Crunchyroll

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