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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10: Noir Saves His Female Classmates

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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10 is out. The previous episode shows what Noir can do to save Emma. There, they met an adventurer named Leila Overlock. She enrolled in Noir and Emma’s school as an exchange student. On that day, their teacher also announced that they are going to the hot springs as part of their curriculum. Leila was surprised because it would be her first activity in the academy. The male students (except Noir) are very happy about the fact that they are going to hot springs. It’s obvious why.

The Girls Entrusted Their Safety to Noir

Image of Noir feeling nervous because of what the girls said to him

Emma is excited because the hot springs are said to have a godly effect on their skins. While on their journey, the male students are thinking of peeking at the girls during their bath time. For this reason, Noir told Emma that it is probably better if she does not take a bath in the hot springs. Emma said that it is okay for for the boys to see her naked.

Noir said that it is not. However, Emma said that she was joking when she said that, and she feels safe because she believes that Noir will stop their male classmates from peeking. The other female classmates agreed with Emma. Noir felt anxious because the girls gave him a difficult responsibility. There, Leila noticed that Noir is really trusted by the girls in their class.

Noir Refuses his Male Classmates’ Plan

Image of Noir refusing to join the boys in their plan

Their class arrived to the hot springs after a series of fighting some monsters on their way. The girls go to take a bath first, while the boys already plot to peek on them. They prepare hoods with holes for their eyes, mouth, and nose. Each of them wears it to prevent the girls from discovering their identity. Still, Noir drops the hood because he cannot betray the girls.

His classmates label him a traitor. They start to run towards the hot springs to see the girls naked. However, their teacher and Noir stop them using their skills until only one of them is still standing.

Noir Almost Died to Save the Girls from His Male Classmates

Image of Noir knocking Hjorth on the ground

The last one standing is the perpetrator of the plan to peek on the girls. His name is Hjorth Boyle. Their teacher Elna tried to stop him, but she was overpowered by and flew towards Noir. She was embarrassed by what happened because Noir ended up holding her chest. Noir and Hjorth shouted their ideals regarding on seeing a girl naked. Hjorth was pissed on Noir’s ideals so he charged at him. Noir used 2000 of his LP to knock out Hjorth. Then, another one of the boys standed up tried to run towards the hot springs.

The name of that guy was Kent, and he was the fastest student in their class. Noir chased him with all of his strength and ended up using another 2000 of his LP to stop him. Noir successfully stopped Kent and they both fell intp the Hot Springs. He collapsed because only 200 of his LP was left during the battle. Therefore, the female students gave him an incredible reward that all the boys would wish for.

It seems that in the Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10, the girls on their class really trusts Noir among all other boys. Where will these trusts lead him in the future? What do they think about Noir?

On every episode of the Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter, we see the development of Noir together with his Harem. It seems that on every episode, his harem. You can watch the show in Crunchyroll, and you can also vote for our weekly poll.

The Synopsis of the Story:

The Hidden Dungeon is a place of legend where rare treasures and items are hidden. Noir, the third son of an impoverished noble family who’s lost the one job offer he had, was lucky enough to hear about this dungeon. He then acquires a skill that allows him to create, bestow, and edit skills… and in order to use it, he needs to accumulate points by carrying out such tasks as eating delicious meals and doing sexual things with alluring members of the opposite sex.

Screenshots via Crunchyroll.

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