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Well here we are fairly deep into the Winter 2021 season. Based on our weekly polls, our fans seem to enjoy the likes of Attack on Titan, Mushoku Tensei, Horimiya, and Jujutsu Kaisen, as well as the other shows that frequently rank within our top 10. However we’d really want to give some love to shows that usually miss out on the ranking. Some quality anime have really flown under the radar, so this is just a chance to shine some light on those. Here are some of Anime Corner’s picks for the most underrated shows of Winter 2021.

Kemono Jihen

This one is a bit of tough call, because it cracked the top 10 a few times. However, I still feel like this show is too high of quality to not be at least in everyone’s watch list. This cool murder mystery tells a story of Kabane Kusaka, a young half ghoul, and Kohachi Inugami, a detective specializing in the supernatural. This unlikely pair go about uncovering the mysteries of Kemono – ghouls- in a world they thought they knew. This show has rightfully grown in popularity over the past few weeks. However I really want to make sure that anyone who was on the fence checks out this winter debut.

SK8 The Infinity

This show has made waves in the anime community this season. Telling the story Reki Kyan, high school student by day and underground racer by night. He competes in “S”, an illegal racing scene, and after taking a loss breaking both his arm and his skateboard, Reki is left with nothing. That is until he runs into Langa Hasegawa, a transfer classmate with no idea on how to skateboard. Desperate for cash, Reki convinces Langa to compete in “S” as well, but this new student might just have something under his belt to win, and win a lot.

Despite being mentioned quite a bit, this show has never cracked into the top 15 in our weekly polls. With some very impressive animation, great voice acting and new and engaging type of story. The fact that this show isn’t talked about more feels like a crime.

So I’m a Spider, So What?

An interesting new isekai from this season, So I’m a spider? So What? gives a fresh take. On Earth, an unforeseen apocalyptic event strikes a school, eliminating everyone. Luckily a small handful of students reincarnated into another world as prestigious nobles and aristocrats, except for one. Reborn as a spider and the weakest kind at that, one girl gets to experience the not so pleasant side of reincarnation. Discovering that her new world is similar to an RPG, she tries her best to hunt prey and defeat monsters to level up and evolve just to survive. As she grows and hopes one day she will be blessed with a second chance at a better life.

For fans of That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, this might be another show up your alley. Some slight tongue in cheek comedy as well as some classic RPG tropes this show has been a pleasant surprise and is certainly one of the underrated shows of Winter 2021.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I can Enter

A real people pleaser, it’s been on the fringe of the top-10 in our weekly pools for a while. We get to follow the absolute King of Harems in Noir Stardia. An aspiring adventurer who comes from a commoner background, his back story isn’t particularly special. Don’t that fool you though, the fun lies in the power he obtains. After finding a dungeon sealed to most, he discovers a young girl chained inside. Revealed to be the worlds strongest adventurer previously, she gifts him her powers. Armed with her knowledge, and his own skills Noir sets out to be a hero and just happens to charm any/every girl along the way.

Simply put this show is absolute nonsense in the best way. Filled with plenty of cute interactions fan service, and laughable moments, this show has been a gem. If you are fan of this type of humor I rate it as one of the best of the season in that regard. Unfortunately though hasn’t cracked any ranking higher than 13, hence why its one of the top of these underrated shows of winter 2021. but don’t let that stop you from checking out this adventure comedy.

Cells At Work (2nd Season/Code Black)

I would have paid more attention in Biology if it was like this all the time. Hataraku Saibou!! or Cells at Work!! is what life is like inside your body. Follow U-1146 feels as he works with the platelet crew, his fellow neutrophils, and the other cells he meets along the way. Code Black is if you take that story and put the difficulty at hardcore. This body didn’t take care of itself at all, and now in their own struggle to survive, the cells U-1196 and AA2153 with their companion cells try and save this body from itself

I grouped them both together, but I can honestly day that these shows has a decent chance to teach you more than any of your school courses. With some underrated animation itself, great story telling, this show is way to slept on for my liking. Everything is anatomically correct too so if you enjoy action and learning than this show was made for you.

Suppose A Kid From The Last Dungeon Boonies Moved To A Starter Town

I’m not repeating that title, its way too much work for that many words. The show, however, isn’t much work at all to watch, and is one of the cutest adventure comedies of winter. Follow the journey of Lloyd, a boy from the village of Kunlun. Kunlun is based in the most dangerous region of the world. That village also just so happens to house the descendants of the worlds greatest hero’s. Considered a weakling in his home, he lacks a lot of confidence. Compared to most normal people though, Lloyd’s power is monstrous.

This show has been a pleasure to watch for me as a good laugh between other shows. With some pretty good comedy, and a loveable hero, just trying to learn his place in the world. I’d say this show deservers much more love, and I’d recommend it to people looking for some cute interruptions to more serious shows.

Okay, so there you have it, some of the best shows not enough people are talking about. However please keep in mind that this is based on a couple different things. Our weekly polls (greatly influenced by our awesome community.) and my own watching of these shows.

There are so many more good shows that I haven’t watched, and our community hasn’t got their hands on yet. So please feel free to let us know what other underrated shows of Winter 2021 you feel aren’t getting enough attention.

If you are a fan of any of these shows, then make sure they don’t get slept on any more in our weekly poll here!

Images from the official websites:
Kemono Jihen, SK8: The Infinity and So I’m a Spider? So What?
©BONES, Hiroko Utsumi/Project SK8
© Sho Aimoto / Shueisha, “Kemono Jihen” Production Committee

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