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Last Dungeon Episode 10: Welcome to Kunlun

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? otherwise known as Last Dungeon Episode 10 aired on March 8, 2021. This week took us to Lloyd’s hometown as we get to see where it all started. Lots of laughs, insane power, and absolute shenanigans per the usual in this show.

Since Vritra luckily survived the attack last week, the crew sets off to find a way to restore him. Obviously, the best choice for it would be Kunlun, home to all types of magic. The journey is mystical right out of the gate as just to get there one must teleport. The portal also happens to be guarded by a little girl who happens to be dwarf royalty.

Through some classic last dungeon nonsense, we finally make our way through to the village. At first, it actually looks fairly normal, but like Lloyd, everything goes crazy in a hurry. Rocks with notes are how they text, and cannons that casually launch people are just the norm. Why anything phases anyone in this show anymore, I no idea, especially when they see Lloyd every day.

Screenshot via the Last Dungeon Episode 10 stream on Funimation

After a pretty action-packed episode previously, this episode was much more laid back. Of course, we were able to pack plenty of gags, but we got to see much more of Lloyd’s life at home. His village was exactly as expected with everyone possessing amazing strength and power of their own. However, the way everyone interacts with Lloyd was so nice to see, as they looked like a regular old remote village. Had we not seen them also fight dragons on a whim with paper planes you’d think it was rather cute.

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Screenshots are via the Last Dungeon Episode 10 stream on Funimation

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