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Last Dungeon Episode 8: The Legend Of Lloyd Grows

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? or Last Dungeon Episode 8 just premiered. Honestly, this episode was the perfect representation of this show. Cheeky comedy and some well-done animation make this show one of the best surprises of this season.

We start with Selen’s “date” with Lloyd and it goes as you’d expect. This one-sided infatuation seems to be going nowhere. However, she gets a moment to truly express her feelings and tells him how much she cherishes Lloyd. This was actually a super touching moment, and it shows on Lloyds face that he really takes a moment to take in her feelings. Unfortunately, she goes full yandere after she comes back from getting drinks when she finds his coworker “treating him”. It’s good to see her personality won’t change too much.

Yet the best moment comes when it’s revealed that the true person leading the Treant incursion was the secretary of Lord Lidocaine. He grows tired of his treatment of servitude he took the seedling from the demon lord to destroy all. Lloyd loves his “cosplay” initially, but after being told this is now a bonafide monster he springs to action. With the help of his classmates and surprise assistance from Chief and Miss Marie, Lloyd delivers the final blow to end the monster.

This episode really works on character development for Lloyd and Selen, and it is super appreciated. Selen takes a lot of strides to face her father and also work on properly expressing emotions. Lloyd also really shows improvement in getting over his inferiority complex. He gains some confidence in himself and starts to rely on others more.

Add on some really solid animation, great voice acting, and laughable moments. Last dungeon surges on my personal list of top winter anime and I hope it rises on yours too.

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Screenshots courtesy of the Last Dungeon Episode 8 stream on Funimation

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