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Last Dungeon Episode 11: The Threats Begin To Boil Over

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Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town? (I swear I will speak to the author about this title) or rather Last Dungeon Episode 11 just premiered. This episode keeps most of the same themes and tones we have grown accustomed to throughout the season. However, the anime also showed its great storytelling as major plot points come together when protagonists are set to leave Kunlun.

Between a cooking show gaff reminiscent of Chopped and tongue-in-cheek banter you’ll get your fill of laughs. However, I am really appreciative of the storytelling evolution in the show. The comedy is there only to enhance the story, guiding fans into crucial dialogue with ease, remaining a large impact in the show but not overwhelming.

We also get some really good character development of Riho and Lloyd as they both show some serious growth. Riho shows that while she still cares about money, she has also come to really care about her friends and home as well. She shows some serious foresight, intuition, and moves that show less selfish desires.

Lloyd gets to show just how much he changed from previous episodes as well. He still shows a massive lack of confidence and remains oblivious as ever. The key change though is his motivation. Previously he was bashful and was afraid to show just how weak he was. Now though he shows that he wants to use his lack of strength as motivation to improve.

Realistically, Lloyd could fight a dragon with minimal problems so the problem was never him doubting his power. Fans mostly wanted to see his mental growth and him going beyond his limits. His monologue in this episode showed some great development of Lloyd as a character and it was so amazing to see. 

Previous moments that were seen as inconsequential, now are revealed to be key aspects in the grand plot. It shows some significant foresight that I didn’t really expect to this length. The attention to detail is very impressive. That’s why I really want to credit the author of the light novels and the director of the anime for executing it so well.

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All images are via the Last Dungeon Episode 11 Stream on Funimation

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