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Is your favorite series included in the list of 10 Anime with Absurdly Long Titles this 2021?

We are three months already into 2021. Fans are excited that their anticipated anime that was announced the previous year is finally here.

Of course, that means new seasons, new shows and… longer titles?

10 Anime with Absurdly Long Titles in 2021

If you’re wondering why there’s a need for these hilariously long titles, you might have already guessed the answer.

It’s because this is easier to explain than reading the blurbs of the light novels and manga themselves. Plus, they make the story all the more memorable and intriguing. 

Titles such as ‘Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’ or ‘Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’, prove you don’t need a short title to be good.

We just happen to have a list of 10 ongoing and upcoming anime of 2021 famous for their absurdly lengthy titles.

1. I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

Light novel series written by Kisetsu Morita and illustrated by Benio. An anime television series adaptation by Revoroot will premiere on April 10, 2021.

Release Date: April 10, 2021

Synopsis: In her previous life, Azusa Aizawa was just another one of the corporate employees who overworked themselves to death… except for the fact she did die from exhaustion. 

Because of that, her life was unfortunately cut short.

When she finds out she’s been incarnated into a 17-years-old witch, Azusa promises herself to use the second life she’s given to finally settle down and relax, unlike the life she’s had before. 

She spends her days hunting down monsters for a living, more specifically: Slimes, which is the easiest to defeat. 

After countless encounters with the mob, she gains bizarre skills and powers, maxing out her skill. Would she put them to good use, or will she continue living the lax life she’s had for centuries?


2. A Romantic Comedy Where the Childhood Friend Absolutely Will Not Lose

Abbreviated as OsaMake, this romantic comedy light novel series is written by Shūichi Nimaru and illustrated by Ui Shigure. 

The series’ director and character design is handled by Takashi Naoya and animated by Doga Kobo. Yoriko Tomita handles the series’ composition. 

Release Date: April 14, 2021

Synopsis: Sueharu Maru’s first love is his school’s beautiful novelist, Kachi Shirokusa. Just when he thinks they’re becoming intimate and that he might have a chance with her, he gets rejected and finds out she has a boyfriend!

Then we are introduced to Shida Kuroha, Maru’s childhood friend who’s short, cute, and has an Onee-chan type of personality. 

Things have been awkward between them ever since Maru rejected Kuroha’s feelings. After hearing the news of him getting turned down, they team up and pretend that they’re dating in order to get revenge on Shirokusa and make her jealous! 

©2021 二丸修一/KADOKAWA/おさまけ製作委員会

3. What If the Ultimate in Fully Immersive VR RPGs Was a Crappier Game Than Reality Itself

Light novel series written by Light Tuchihi and illustrated by Youta. Directed by Kazuya Miura and Written by Kenta Ihara. Studio ENGI will handle the anime adaptation.

Release Date: April 2021

Synopsis: Kiwame quest, a full dive RPG made with the most cutting-edge technology yet. The game is known for taking “reality to its extremes.” Or so they described.

High schooler Hiroshi Yuki manages to get himself a copy of the game. While trying it out, he realizes just how hard the gameplay actually is. 

Despite it being a little scarily realistic, he’s noticed that it’s almost impossible to beat. If you get hurt in the game, you get hurt in real life too. Being stuck in such an absurd situation, Hiro is determined to do his best to survive the game and succeed in beating it.


4. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

A light novel series written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Reia. The television series will be adapted by Silver Link and Studio Palette.

Release Date: July 2021

Synopsis: Dubbed as the world’s greatest assassin, our unnamed protagonist lived his life doing the evil bidding of his employers. Later on in his life, he decided to retire due to being a little too old for the job. 

But just after his retirement, he was sabotaged by his employers in a plane he was on, which led to his death. 

He is awoken by a deity who claims that he is now reincarnated in a world of swords and magic. She told him that only he can prevent the world from falling into its demise by assassinating its Hero. 

We find out whether he chooses to follow the footsteps of his previous life, or take the chance to live the life he missed out on, now that he’s reborn as Lugh Tuatha Dé.

© 2021 月夜 涙・れい亜/KADOKAWA/暗殺貴族製作委員会

5. Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside

A light novel series penned by Zappon, it has been adapted as a Manga by Masahiro Ikeno. Written and Directed by Makoto Hoshino, it will be adapted under studios Flad and Wolfsbane.

Release Date: To be announced in 2021

Synopsis: We often see guilds or parties take on various adventures, roaming the world, fighting monsters, and getting stronger, but how about the people who get left behind and stay in the comfort of their own village? 

Red was a former member of the Hero’s party as their strategist. However, due to unfortunate events, they kicked him out. 

He’s sent back to his hometown away from where battles occur. He plans to live a quiet life, opening up an apothecary with the experience he’s had from his exploits. 

His everyday challenge is how long he can adjust to his new simple life in the countryside.

©2021 ざっぽん/KADOKAWA/真の仲間製作委員会

6. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense II

A light novel series written by Yuumikan and illustrated by Koin. It began serialization online in 2016 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. 

Back in 2019, Funimation had announced that the anime’s second season is currently in production, and will premiere sometime in 2021. The creator- of the novel also drew a picture to celebrate the news. This April, we’ll finally get to see the show air on our screens once more.

Release Date: April 10, 2021

Synopsis: Kaede Honjou is asked to play the VRMMO game NewWorld Online by a fellow peer. The problem is, Kaede greatly dislikes getting hurt. 

In fear of having pain inflicted upon her, she spends all her points on the character’s Vitality which later results in her becoming very slow and powerless. 

Instead, she obtains a skill called “Absolute Defense” which neutralizes any damage she receives, and Kaede decides to take advantage of her skills to help her in her adventures.

©2020 夕蜜柑・狐印/KADOKAWA/防振り製作委員会

7. Life as a Reincarnated Sage in Another World, Gaining a Second Profession and Becoming the Strongest in the World

Light novel series written by Shinkoshoto and illustrated by Huuka Kazabana.

An anime television series adaptation by Revoroot has been announced. This is perhaps the longest in the list of 10 Anime with Absurdly Long Titles airing this 2021.

Release Date: To be Announced

Synopsis: A black company employee named Sano Yuji suddenly gets transported to another world where he lives as a Beast Tamer. He finds out his job puts him at a disadvantage, making it hard for him to become an adventurer. 

With the help of training and studying, he gains extraordinary abilities that allow him to become a Sage. Little does he know, this is the beginning of his path to becoming the most powerful in the world.

©SB Creative Corp. All rights reserved.

8. The Genius Prince’s Guide To Raising a Nation Out of Debt

A light novel series written by Dojyomaru and illustrated by Fuyuyuki.

Release Date: July 2021 

Synopsis: Picture this: You’re the Prince and new ruler of the kingdom, governing such a tiny country. Other kingdoms are more powerful and stronger than yours – utterly humiliating. 

You want to sell out your own nation to the Earthworld Empire so you can merge with theirs in hopes to spare yourselves from war and debt. By horrible chance, you find out that their Emperor had died of illness, and now all nations want to steal the position. 

This is what Prince Wein of Natra is going through, creating witty schemes and absurd tactics like treason, just to save their butts from being in debt.


9. Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town

An anime television series adaptation was announced during the “GA Fes 2019” event on October 19, 2019 streamed online. The series was originally set to premiere in October 2020, but was delayed to 2021. 

Currently Airing

Synopsis: Lloyd Belladonna is a teenage boy who dreams of becoming a soldier. He leaves his town Kunlun and moves to the Kingdom of Azami to help him achieve his dream. 

After saving the former master from a monster, they realize just how crazy powerful he is, and Lloyd himself doesn’t even know it. 

In his hometown, he was considered too weak to perform any job and doesn’t live up to the standard level people around him have. This was often why he denied the truth of his abilities.

Despite that he is a benevolent and kind person who is determined to use his abilities for good, he might just even save the kingdom from the crisis that’s headed them.


10. Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist

Light novel series written by Kennoji and illustrated by Matsuuni. It was serialized online between 2016 and 2020 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō.

Release Date: Summer of 2021

Synopsis: Reiji gets reincarnated into a new world, where he now lives his life running a… Pharmacy? 

One fine day, he manages to make a high-rank potion and makes a huge profit out of it. Realizing his talent, he uses the money to open up a drug store, making medicine for the people in his village curing them of their “Sickness.”

© 2020 ケンノジ/一二三書房,チート薬師製作委員会. All Rights Reserved.

We hope you enjoy our list of 10 Anime with Absurdly Long Titles airing this 2021.

If you find something that’s not on this list, please let us know in the comments!

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