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Last Dungeon Episode 9: Our True Villain Appears

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?, better known as Last Dungeon Episode 9 just aired. The biggest surprise of this episode was showing someone who may be as strong as Lloyd. The comedy is still ever-present, but I appreciated them finally showing an enemy worth fighting.

The story recaps with Micona, the girl who hates Lloyd, meeting with Shoma and a mysterious figure. When asked what she wants, she reveals that she wants to kill the boy who ‘stole her love’. The figure smiles telling Shoma to gift her with two items that will grant her the power she wishes for. She devours them before they explain more, and begins to writhe in agony. The men laugh and explain that if she survives it should be interesting.

Meanwhile, as it turns out, the Kingdom has identified a new threat in a nearby dungeon. A massive snake has been discovered inside, and the army including the hero cadets must deal with it. Lloyd and Co. eagerly rush off into the dungeon, and they aren’t alone. While looking for Shouma, the village chief comes across Ms. Marie. After Ms. Marie explains where Lloyd went, they hurry into the dungeon after him.

After some well-time interruptions, the girls are separated from Lloyd. By himself, he hears screams from the dungeon. He hurries to come across Micona lying in wait in the dungeon. Micona had trapped Ms. Marie, in the hope that it would give her a chance to kill Lloyd. She unleashes her assault on him, which impressed me. This show has been known for having an OP main character, but for once he couldn’t just overpower a threat with ease.

They have a surprisingly contested battle and it’s refreshing that Lloyd has a chance to struggle and overcome a bit. However, Lloyd prevails launching Micona out of the Dungeon. The touching reunion with Ms. Marie would have to wait though. A voice appears, expressing the pleasure of watching Lloyd battle, and it’s revealed to be the Snake itself.

The snake is actually the beast guardian on Kunlun, Lloyd since he was a child. The village chief finally breaks through to join everyone, and after seeing the snake, she explains her history with him. This revelation also brings some new knowledge of the circumstances of the story, and new context. This doesn’t last long, unfortunately, as the mysterious figure from earlier walks menacingly in.

The village chief angrily looks at him and reveals his name as Sou. He quickly kills the snake as it actually houses her powers, and gloats after looking like he succeeded. However, the chief unleashes a punch with her full power to his face. After he discovers his plan hasn’t quite succeeded Sou flees, vowing to return and unleash hell on Kunlun.

I am super grateful for this episode as it was an excellent change of pace. We spent weeks watching Lloyd quickly overcome any challenge, but now he has to grow and truly identifies threats which is excellent. A chance for character development in a show that is primarily a comedy is something that cannot be overlooked. I really want to express my appreciation for how far this show has come in terms of its storytelling.

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Screenshots Via the Last Dungeon Episode 9 Stream on Funimation

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