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Last Dungeon Episode 12: The Finale

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?, perhaps better known as Last Dungeon, Episode 12 just aired. The finale of this season wrapped up a large number of questions the audience had remaining. Sou and Shouma finally reveal their true motivations and we witness a very satisfying final battle. I really want to thank the team at Liden Films for their work on this season’s project. The show had great writing, voice acting, and sound design that really blew me out of the water.

The growth of the team is put on full display at the beginning of the episode. Lloyd isn’t present to save them and they realize they have to step up themselves. They even announce that they don’t want to be “carried by Lloyd anymore”.

For a show that features the supporting cast as much as this one has, the fact that the beginning of the episode was dedicated to showing off their own prowess is appreciated. The anime obviously focuses on Lloyd, but the character development for everyone was always on display.

However speaking of our main character, we cant end the show without having him show off. Lloyd’s arrival was epic, putting him the center of attention. His boss fight to end the episode not only let him show off his strength. It also allowed him to have a moment of revelation.

His confidence was the crucible to the series, so we needed it to grow and improve. Lloyd’s battle was a struggle for him both physically and mentally and was the peak for allowing him to evolve as a character.

Add on some very impressive sound designs during the battle, and the model comedy we’ve grown accustomed to. This finale summarized everything about this show and didn’t drag on. A great surprise of the season, that I would thoroughly recommend for any binge session.

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All Images are thanks to the Last Dungeon Episode 12 stream on Funimation.

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