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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Episode 12: Tomozaki Conveys His Resolve to Hinami

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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Episode 12 is the final episode of anime’s season 1. There was no announcement for the 2nd season yet. However, this episode did a great job of showcasing Tomozaki’s final character development.

The ending of the previous episode left us on a cliffhanger where Hinami ended her role as Tomozaki’s mentor. Consequently, the episode starts on Tomozaki back in his old state like what he was in Episode 1. However, he receives a lecture from someone important to him and thanks to one of his friends, he realized what he needs to do with Hinami.

Image of Hinami and Tomozaki meeting up with each other

Tomozaki invited Hinami for a talk but she doesn’t want to come. Nevertheless, Tomozaki still managed to meet up with Hinami. There, he told her his perspective and he even thanked her for giving color to his life.

Also, Tomozaki made a promise to Hinami that he will prove to her that his ideals were right and real. Hinami accepted Tomozaki’s convictions and challenged him to make it happen. The two of them make up and Hinami immediately gave Tomozaki a big assignment to compensate for the time they lost when they were on bad terms.

Tomozaki’s New Life

Image of Mizusawa and Tomozaki on their work time

Tomozaki’s assignment was to apply for a part-time job. Thus, he followed Hinami’s instructions and went to the place Hinami told him to apply to. There, Tomozaki found out that Mizusawa is also working there. It seems that he has been set up by Hinami. What job could it be?

In addition, Tomozaki continues to join Hinami, Mizusawa, Minami, Izumi, and Tama when they are having a trip. Moreover, he still goes out with Fuuka when he has time. Lastly, Tomozaki and Hinami go along with each other again.

It seems that on Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Episode 12, Tomozaki really shows his growth. It was a befitting end for the season. You can watch the show on Funimation! Also, if the anime touched your hearts, you can also vote for it on our Winter 2021 Anime of the Season Poll.

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The Synopsis of the Story:

Expert gamer Tomozaki Fumiya doesn’t exactly fit in, but he wishes he did. With no written rules for success and gameplay that doesn’t work in his favor, the real world seems impossible for someone like him. But, like any noob, all he really needs are some strategies and a seasoned player like Aoi Hinami to help him. Hopefully with her guidance, Tomozaki will gain the experience he needs.

Screenshots via Funimation

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