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Roshidere Pop-up Shop Event Announced

A Roshidere pop-up shop has been announced! For fans of the Roshidere (Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian) light novel and those who can’t wait for its anime premiere in July, it’s nothing but good news. As of now, fans can pick up some awesome cross-cultural items during the event that will be held at Marui City Yokohama 3F with limited opening hours (between 10:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.) from April 27 to May 12.

Apart from limited store goods, mail orders and Animate items will be available the day after the event. Anyone who spends more than ¥3000 ($19) and has an active X account that follows the store page will be able to apply for the campaign lottery. A purchase lottery will also be available for anyone who used their EPOS card which awards winners with a F3 canvas board. Anyone who signs up for an EPOS card during the event period will be given an event-themed postcard.

Limited edition box sets with varying items will be available at the event and as mail order and Animate exclusives. In-store items for the Roshidere Pop-up shop event include:

  • Tin badges – individually at ¥400 ($2.60), box set at ¥4000 (U$26)
  • Acrylic cards – individually at ¥715 ($4.62), box set at ¥7150 ($46)
  • Acrylic plates – individually at ¥600 ($4), box set at ¥6600 ($42.60)
  • Cheongsam-themed posters – individually at ¥385 ($2.50), box set at ¥6600 ($20)
  • Big acrylic stands – ($13)
  • Extra large acrylic stands – ¥3300 ($21)
  • Extra large acrylic panel – ¥7150 ($46)
  • Big acrylic key chain – ¥1100 ($7)
  • Cheongsam-themed illustration cards – ¥385 ($2.50)
  • Cheongsam-themed stickers – ¥550 ($3.50)
  • Cheongsam themed Life-sized tapestry – ¥10,780 ($70)
  • A3 poster – ¥880 ($6)
  • Multi-desk mat – ¥3960 ($25.50)
  • Cheongsam-themed art print – ¥14300 ($92)
  • Set of 3 normal trading posters – ¥495 ($3), box set at ¥3465 ($22)

Slated for a July 2024 premiere, Roshidere follows the daily life of Alisa Mikhailovna Kujou, better known as Alya, a silver-haired beauty who often complains about the lazy bum that sits next to her at school. But while she may complain about his behavior, she outs her genuine romantic feelings in her native Russian. But unbeknownst to her, the class’s bum Masachika Kuze understands every word she’s saying.

Source – Amnibus Website
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