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Good Smile Company Announces New Butareba Jess figure

There’s a newly announced Good Smile Company Butareba Jess figure, and let us tell you why that’s a good thing. Whether it’s truck-kun, getting stabbed, summoned, or eating a raw pork liver, one has many ways to get isekai’d. But the rewards of another life aren’t really fixed. Sometimes, you get stuck with an alcoholic goddess, or you’re turned into a warmongering loli. But sometimes you get lucky and reincarnate as a sweet break-dancing pig with a cute girl who shows you her panties. So thanks to the newly announced Good Smile Company Butareba Jess figure, you can have your own cute Yethma to get you through the day. And best of all, you don’t need to eat raw pork liver. Instead, fork out approximately $142 and wait until the second quarter of 2026. Fans can pre-order the figure now on the official Good Smile Company website.

But you know that something is worth its wait and that a company has one hell of an advertising team when their sales pitch for a figure is “The figure features impressive details such as Jess’ curves that are visible from under her outfit, as well as her fluttering skirt which reveals her thighs underneath. Additionally, the acrylic base reflects light, allowing the parts of the figure hidden by Jess’ skirt to appear brighter.” Sculpted by Massaki Oka, the figure is a full 9.05 inches of sexiness and is the perfect office piece to assert your position as the coolest person at work.

While its premise may have turned off viewers, Butareba: The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig is much more nuanced than its name implies. While heavy on fan service, the show does a pretty good job at showing the dynamics and ills of racism and loneliness and trying to do the best of what is without a doubt a bad situation. The story centers around Mr. Buta-san (A guy reincarnated as a pig) and a servant girl Jess, who must travel to the capital of her world for a mysterious coming-of-age passage. Can they make it while avoiding all the trouble that waits for them? Check the show out on Crunchyroll to find out.

The Butareba Jess figure by Good Smile Company will ship out in the second quarter of 2026.

Source – Good Smile Company
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