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Russia Bans Isekai Anime For Promoting Reincarnation Beliefs

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Russia bans isekai anime for promoting reincarnation beliefs. In case you didn’t know, Isekai is a type of anime where the main character starts a new life in another world. Most of the anime in this genre begins with the death of the protagonist. Then, he/she gets reincarnated in another world.

Examples of such anime are KonoSuba, TenSura, Mushoku Tensei, and many more. Consequently, these anime promotes that there is life to look forward to after death. Moreover, some of the scenes in those shows contain violence, sexual relations, drinking alcohol, and other, sometimes, illegal activities.

KonoSuba Key Visual
TenSura Key Visual

Hence, a prosecutor in St. Petersburg indicated that those kinds of segments violate article 242 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. The article says that clips with explicit imagery, violence, etc. may cause harm to the mental health of many young people.

Furthermore, anything related to the aforementioned scenes is subject to criminal responsibility. Therefore, Russia bans some of the isekai shows that were available through illegal streaming websites. Some of the banned shows are:

  • Konosuba
  • Zombieland Saga
  • TenSura
Death Note Key Visual
Crunchyroll logo

In case you missed it, this is not the first time Russia bans something that is related to anime. Recently, they banned Death Note, Inuyashiki, and Tokyo Ghoul for promoting violence and went as far as banning Crunchyroll for violating Russian laws.

Source: United Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg
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