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Akira Toriyama Designs New Sand Land Setting for Upcoming Anime Adaptation

The official Sand Land: The Series website revealed that the TV version is getting an extra 7 original episodes set in the Forest Land, a new setting devised by Akira Toriyama. Disney+ will batch-release episodes 1-7 on March 20, 2024, mostly readapting the movie, followed by episodes 8 to 13, released weekly from March 27. New characters Anne and Muniel were introduced, voiced by Mikako Komatsu and Ayumu Murase, respectively. Readers can check out their character designs below:

Sand Land: The Series will be divided into two: The Demon Prince and Angel’s Hero arcs, whose names were decided by Toriyama. The Demon Prince arc (episodes 1-6) is a reconstruction of the original movie, featuring unreleased cuts and new scenes, while the Angel’s Hero arc (episodes 7-13) is a new story with minor supervision from Toriyama. It will showcase Beelzebub’s new adventures in Forest Land, boasting drama that Toriyama says “would not have been possible for me — a simple-minded person.” Sand Land‘s first teaser trailer can be viewed following the link, while the previously released key visual is below:

2024 will be an incredibly active year for Akira Toriyama. In addition to supervising the story for Sand Land, and writing the continuing Dragon Ball Super manga, he’s also responsible for the plot of the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima anime. The latest Son Goku character trailer was released at Dragon Ball Battle Hour 2024 and can be viewed below:

Sunrise, ANIMA, and Kamikaze Video are animating Sand Land: The Series. Toshihisa Yokoshima will be directing, with Hiroshi Koujina credited as director advisor. Hayashi Mori is in charge of the screenplay. The series will stream on Hulu in the United States and Disney+ worldwide. VIZ licensed the original manga, which the 2023 movie adapted. Sand Land‘s plot is below:
In the far future, war has destroyed the entire Earth, leaving only a barren wasteland where the supply of water is controlled by the greedy king. In search of a long-lost lake, Sheriff Rao asked the king of the demons for help…and got the king’s son, Beelzebub, and his assistant, Thief. Together the unlikely trio sets off across the desert, facing dragons, bandits and the deadliest foe of all… the King’s army itself! It’s travel adventure and tank action in this new story from Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z!

Source: Official Website

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