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Satoshi Hino Tests Positive for COVID-19, Cancels Attendance at Overlord Event

Voice actor Satoshi Hino, known for his roles as Kyojuro Rengoku (the Demon Slayer series) and Momonga/Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord), has tested positive for COVID-19, his voice talent agency AXL ONE announced on July 30. The voice actor was scheduled to attend the Overlord franchise’s public recording event for a special program on the same day, but ended up cancelling his attendance due to the positive result.

The voice talent agency AXL ONE released the statementSatoshi Hino ‘News Regarding the New Coronavirus’” on Twitter. It revealed that Satoshi Hino became unwell with a fever last night (July 29 night) and took the test today on July 30, which turned out to be positive for COVID-19.

“This is an announcement from the voice agency,” Satoshi Hino quote-tweeted the post to update his Twitter account on July 30. “Today, I was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. I express my sincere apology to every one of those involved, every one of my co-actors, and every one of my fans, for causing great trouble and worry.” He continued to reveal his health conditions in the same tweet: “Fortunately with only a slight cough and all, my conditions are relatively stable, so I will concentrate on my recovery in accordance with the health center and medical organizations’ guidance.

The soon-to-be 44-year-old also quote-tweeted a post of Overlord anime’s official account, which stated the voice actor’s COVID-19 situation and cancellation of his attendance at the July 30 event, to express his apology: “I’m truly sorry to everyone looking forward to the event today, and every one of the staff and my co-attendees, for causing worry and trouble… I always do my bit to prevent infection, and I am now filled with a feeling of frustration why it should have happened to me at this timing… I’m really sorry…

Satoshi Hino

In addition to Ainz, Hino is currently voicing Futa-kun in Nights with a Cat anime. He was born on August 4 in 1978. Fans might also know him as Kamui in Gintama and Sai in Naruto.

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