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Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu Anime Gets April 2 Release, Main Cast

The previously announced Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu anime adaptation will start broadcasting on April 2 this year. As part of the announcement, a key visual and information on the main cast have been released.

Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu anime – Key Visual

There are two sets of main cast members that were announced: one for the on-air version which cuts explicit scenes, and the other for the so-called ‘premium’ version which will include uncensored scenes. The premium version will only be available on AnimeFesta.

The cast includes:

  • Souji Sazanami: Yoshiki Nakajima (on-air), Dai Kuki (premium)
  • Nagisa Amami: Saho Shirasu (on-air), Satomi Miura (premium)
  • Daichi Hinata: Daiki Hamano (on-air), Tetsu Gabu (premium)
  • Shibata: Shuji Inozuki (on-air), Mashiro-Kōta (premium)

Studio Houkiboshi is animating the series, with Suiseisha producing it. Sanae Nagi serves as the director with Katsuyuki Sato on character designs and Eeyo Kurosaki on screenplay.

Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu, written by Aki Murakami, was first published on the Comic Cmoa website in March 2021. Shueisha published the manga’s first compiled book volume on February 18 this year.

The manga, with the full name Sazanami Soshi ni Shojo o Sasagu ~Saa, Jikkuri Ai Demasho ka~, follows the story of a 26-year-old virgin office worker named Nagisa. One day, she decides to go on a trip with the aim of improving her interaction with others in spite of her shyness. During the trip, she gets a chance to meet with a yakuza member named Sazanami. She begins a relationship with him after they stay together for one night.

Source: Official Website
© Aki Murakami / Suiseisha Inc

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