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HyperX Introduces VTuber Himura Kuraudo

HP’s gaming brand HyperX has announced its very first VTuber Himura Kuraudo. The VTuber debuted on February 2 and will be making regular streams every Wednesday.

A clip highlighting some of the moments during Himura Kuraudo’s debut

Her VTuber model was designed by Rosuuri, and the model was rigged by Iron Vertex. The company also explained the meaning behind the name for the talent. The romaji pronunciation of the name “Kuraudo” is “cloud” in reference to HyperX’s first notable headset, Cloud. Meanwhile, her last name “Himura” means “dark red, scarlet” and “town, village,” which correlates with HyperX’s brand colors and its beginnings.

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According to the company, Kuraudo’s debut is a direct reflection of HyperX’s efforts to embrace all gamers, online creators and fans alike. It also looks forward to connecting with the community even more via Kuraudo.

It also stated that the company Hyper understands the importance of the VTuber community and the positive impact it has made for online content creators. According to them, the VTubing space has provided a safe space for creators to build confidence, embrace their inner selves and show creativity through their own avatars. 

“I’m excited to work with HyperX and be a part of their growing family.  To be brought into this space of immense creativity and uniqueness with my very own persona created in such an authentic way is truly humbling. I’m thrilled to be a part of an organization that values inclusivity and aims to make a positive impact on others and look forward to collaborating with others and connecting with fans on my journey.”

Statement from Himuro Kuraudo

The debut of HyperX’s VTuber adds up to the growing list of brand-affiliated VTubers such as from MSI, Crunchyroll, Netflix, Suntory, and AirAsia.

Source: Press Release, Official Twitter
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