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Suntory Nomu Announces Hiatus

Suntory Nomu, the brand VTuber of Japanese beverage company Suntory, has announced a hiatus from her online activities that will last until the end of the year.

In a live broadcast streamed on 26 October, Suntory Nomu stated that regular online updates from her end will cease for a while. You can check out the stream below:

Even though she is going on a hiatus, she still prepared three more posts. The posts include a live stream event, audio-only content, and a new original song announcement.

She assures viewers that she remains a brand Vtuber of Suntory and that she will resume activities next year when she will be back online.

Who Is Suntory Nomu?

Suntory Nomu debuted as Suntory’s brand VTuber on 17 August 2018. Aside from making game commentary and singing content, she engages in promoting and reviewing Suntory’s product line.

Suntory Nomu’s lore has been lined up with references with the Suntory company, including her age (120 years). This, incidentally, coincides with the founding year of Suntory in 1899. 

Her personality is best described as ‘pure, clear and natural’, a metaphorical approach in describing Suntory’s beverage line.

A notable hobby of Suntory Nomu as well is reciting ‘tanka’ or the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable Japanese poem. In addition, her opening greeting every stream starts with a ‘tanka’, as follows:


(Greetings from the refrigerator!)


(Pure like the water)


(Like the sun that shines upon all)


(The Suntory’s official Virtual Youtuber)


(Suntory Nomu!)

(The ‘tanka’ that Suntory Nomu uses as her opening statement every stream)

To date, Suntory Nomu has over 100k subscribers on her official YouTube channel, and over 60k followers on Twitter.

Source: Suntory Nomu’s Official Stream Announcement and Twitter post / Banner: Suntory Nomu’s Twitter; Suntory Nomu © Suntory

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