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Sci-Fi Mystery Anime Special Kid Factory by NAZ Studio Reveals First Trailer

The Special Kid Factory anime revealed its first trailer on Sunday. NAZ Studio is handling the animation production for the series. Fans can check out the trailer below:

The series is currently running a special promotion for fans worldwide that focuses on collecting as many character cards as possible to obtain exclusive prizes, early news access, and even a grand prize of $10,000 split between the top three winners! More details can be found on the official website, which offers both an English and Japanese version.

Special Kid Factory Staff and Studio

Atsushi Ikariya (Sabikui Bisco) is directing the series and handling the storyboard with Daisuke Mataga (Sabikui Bisco) working as the assistant director. Otaro Maijo (ID: Invaded) is handling the script while Ai Asari (Sabikui Bisco chief animation director) is working as the main animator. Original character designs will be handled by Yuuki Kodama (ID: Invaded). The rest of the full staff is as follows:

  • Animation Director: Norie Igawa
  • Art Director: Ryuusuke Shiino
  • 3DCGI Director: Kunihiko Mita
  • Composite Director: Tasuku Takagi
  • Color Designer/Color Checker: Emiko Okada
  • Color Artists: Shoko Iura, Kyoko Sato, Yuri Fukuda, Kanae Ando, Oriko Muramoto
  • Animators: Amanda Becker, Anhelina Shpak, Ayaka Aoi, Haruka Ito, Hong Chi-Yao, Komei Omiya, Moka Tominaga, Siyah9628, Atsushi Ikariya, Daisuke Mataga, Norie Igawa, Ai Asari, Momoko Kawai, Hsiao Chihhsuan, Yuuki Kodama, Otaro Maijo
  • In-Between Animation Director: Zhang Yihui
  • In-Between Animation Assistant: Yukie Kaneko
  • In-Between Animators: Nattachai Wanjai, Koo Bondong, Li Zhenyu, Minami Furusawa, Meng Shuhan, Hiroki Matsuda
  • Editor: Yoshiaki Kimura
  • Animation Producer: Yasuo Suda (studio founder)
  • Executive Producer: Kendrick Wong

NAZ Studio is known for its works on series such as Sabikui Bisco, which is receiving a second season, ID: Invaded, and most recently Good Night World. The studio has won multiple awards including the 2019-2020 NewType Anime Award for best sound and has yet to release more than two projects per year since its founding in 2013.

The official X (Twitter) for the Special Kid Factory anime describes the series as:
You lead an ordinary life until someone who looks just like you descends from the skies and reveals, “You’re a clone.” Suddenly, you’re thrust into a universe of adventure and mystery. Welcome to Special Kid Factory. Are you ready to discover if you’re a hero, or just a clone?

Source: Official X (formerly Twitter)
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