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Selection Project Episode 2: Sudden Decisions

Selection Project episode 2 shows the aftermath of the competition’s results. After Seira’s unexpected win in the previous episode, she made some startling decisions. Her sudden choices made me curious about her true feelings and the pace of the series as a whole.

Does Seira Love Suzune More Than a Friend?

In the episode, Seira withdrew from the competition to make Suzune compete again. Of course, this made everyone surprised, especially Suzune herself. With that, Seira became what is a pretty interesting character. Although, we don’t know too much about her and how she treats Suzune before and within the competition yet. There are also no details on how they met each other.

What we do know though is how far she will go for Suzune. Giving up on a huge opportunity to finally achieve your dream for someone else deserves absolute respect. Not to mention, Seira stated in the episode that she’ll continue her idol dream but she will most likely start all over again, and climbing back up to the top is no easy task.

Seira surprising Suzune in her school and asks her out

Seira’s bold statement and abrupt decisions hint that she might have feelings for Suzune. But does she really though? I don’t think that’s the case. For all we know, she could just be a soft-hearted person such as can be seen from her cheerful personality.

Also, at the start of the episode, she is feeling guilty that she was declared the winner despite the fact that she won fair and square. This just adds more to her character and her passion for the idol scene. Moreover, she wants the best idols to receive the spotlight they deserve.

Too Sudden

Let’s be honest here, we all know that Suzune is going to replace Seira. I just didn’t expect Seira to give up the chance this quickly and easily. Her reason is also a bit sketchy. Why would she join the Selection Project competition if she will eventually go halfway in the first place?

Seira and Suzune meeting before the latter departs to the competition

Anyways, we haven’t seen enough of Suzune and how she copes with her loss. The ending of the first episode already made me sympathize with Suzune and I was hopeful to see more of that. However, it was quite disappointing to see only a fraction of what I anticipated. Another reason that also comes to mind is that we need to sympathize more with Suzune is the fact that she’s a simp like the rest of us.

Suzune Is a Huge Simp

We got a glimpse of Suzune’s room in this episode. Her room is just like the one of any other hardcore idol fan, it’s full of merch of their oshi. The room is just filled with posters of Akari Amasawa, the former legendary idol. To be completely honest, I don’t blame her for simping too hard on Akari especially since she’s voiced by a great voice actress (Saori Hayami).

It’s just unfortunate how fast the pace of the story is for both of them. What’s even more tragic is that we might not see Seira again so a little substance to her character would’ve been more appropriate because she affects Suzune’s development.

Suzune’s room filled with Akari merch

In spite of how fast the pacing was, the episode wasn’t entirely bad. It was still enjoyable to watch, especially when the other girls make their way to the final event. There are also a few teary-eyed moments like Suzune and Seira’s duet.

Selection Project Episode 2 is airing now in Muse Asia and Funimation.
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