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Sentenced to Be a Hero TV Anime Announced With Teaser Visual and Trailer

Sentenced to Be a Hero (Yuusha-kei ni Shosu: Choubatsu Yuusha 9004-tai Keimu Kiroku) anime will officially be a TV series, and the first teaser visual and trailer have been released. Studio KAI is in charge of the animation, and you can watch the teaser trailer below.

Sentenced to Be a Hero TV – Anime Teaser Trailer

Also check out the cool teaser visual for the anime:

Sentenced to Be a Hero TV – Anime Teaser Visual

The Sentenced to Be a Hero is a light novel series by Rocket Shokai, and it began in October 2020 on the self-publishing website kakuyomu.jp. By September 201, it received an official release with illustrations by MEHPISTO in Kadokawa’s Dengeki no Shin Bungei Imprint. It has since won several accolades, including first place in the User Recommendations category in the 2020 Kakuyomu Awards and second place overall in the Tsugirano Awards for up-and-coming light novel series. Yen Press licensed the novel in English.

Official synopsis:
“Hero” is the worst punishment in the world.
For those convicted of heinous crimes, they are sentenced to become a “Hero” and forced to enter the mandatory military service in the war against the Demon Lords.
These convicts are not even allowed to die—if killed, they will be resurrected to fight another day.
Hero Xylo Forbartz, former head of the Order of the Holy Knights, leads a penal unit of deplorables fighting on the front lines. It’s in these direst of circumstances that he meets Teoritta, one of the world’s the strongest weapons.
“When every last enemy has been defeated, you are to shower me with praise and pat my head.”
In order to survive and to take revenge on those who wronged him, he makes a pact with the goddess and launches headfirst into a maelstrom of war and intrigue.

The original author, Rocket Shokai, commented on the announcement:
I was so happy to see it animated that I went to eat ramen.
The ramen was made with broth from grilled dried flying fish.
The slightly bitter, savory broth was well mixed with the medium-thin noodles and the flavor of the iwanori toppings added to it gave it a multilayered satisfaction.
I am confident that the animated version of “Sentenced to Be a Hero” will have this same synergistic effect.

The illustrator, MEPHISTO, also commented, and he also drew a special illustration.
Congratulations on the anime adaptation of Sentenced to Be a Hero!
Given the extremely high motivation of the animation staff, I have a strong feeling that a great work of art will be produced!
I can’t wait to see Xylo and his friends in action……!

Source: Press release, Official Website
©2024 Rocket Shokai/KADOKAWA/Project Sentenced to Be a Hero

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